Introduced:  Unfinished Business Related Quests:  Tanada House of Fire Quest
Fist of Enlightenment
Fist of Enlightenment Icon
Fist of Enlightenment Live

Fist of Enlightenment


Update History

Who Watches the Virindi?

  • Fixed for PVP imbalance
  • Damage changed from 1 to 10.
  • Cassius' ring of fire (40 - 80, Fire) changed to Cleansing Ring of Fire (30 - 50, Fire).
  • Cast Rate decreased from ~25% (Test sample of 1176 attacks, with 287 successful casts) to ~15%.

Master of Arms

  • Skill was changed from Unarmed to Light Weapons.
  • Base damage upped from 10 to 15.
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