Introduced:  Throne of Destiny Related Quests:  Augmentation Gems
Fiun Ruun
Non-Player Killer
Fiun Ruun Live
Race Fiun
Title Augmentation Trainer
Location 95.7N 57.1W at the Fiun Outpost
Level 246
Strength 60
Endurance 70
Coordination 50
Quickness 80
Focus 120
Self 130
Health 45
Stamina 80
Mana 140


  • Route: See Fiun Outpost, there is a portal a bit away from Sanamar on the beach at 76.6N 58.6W.

Lore & Dialog

Fiun Ruun tells you, "Improved endurance can be achieved with the assistance of an augmentation gem."
Fiun Ruun tells you, "Seek Fiun Rehylun [sic] should the acquiring of a gem be needed."

You give Fiun Ruun Blank Augmentation Gem.
Fiun Ruun tells you, "Use this gem to improve endurance innate. It is suggested that the reading of inscription be thoroughly examined before proceeding."
Fiun Ruun gives you Bleeargh's Fortitude.

You allow Fiun Ruun to examine your Bleeargh's Fortitude.
Fiun Ruun tells you, "It is not for me to teach you more. Seek another."

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