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Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts With: Verdentine Magnan (Optional)
Starts At: Grievver Valley at 75.5N 20.6W
Route: Stonehold to Dires' Door Estates at 69.7N, 20.2W
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Go to the Grievver Caves in Grievver Valley at 75.9N, 19.1W.
  2. At the end of the dungeon is a Spinning Grievver that drops Silk.
  3. Optional: Return to Verdentine and show him the silk, he will direct you to a castle.
  4. Northeast of Shoushi at 24.3S 76.8E is a castle with a Spinning Wheel at the top. It is the Castle of Baron Nuvillus, accessible via the Facility Hub.
  5. Pass the silk to the wheel to obtain a Spool of Silk.
  6. Now take the spool to Neydisa Castle. Give the spool to the Loom to obtain Flag.
  7. The flag can be displayed when placed in a roof or floor housing hook. You can dye the flag and/or use one of a wide variety of Stamps to customize the appearance of your flag.


  • Dyed and/or stamped flags can be given to Verdentine Magnan in Grievver Valley in exchange for a fresh white unstamped flag.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Grievver Caves 75.9N, 19.1W -- 5456



Flag Icon Flag


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Opening Dialog

Verdentine Magnan tells you, "Did you see that? A little Grievver! I wonder if it's a different species or just a juvenile.
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "I am very interested in insect trophies and body parts. You can learn much about a creature from its remains. If you have any I would greatly enjoy looking them over. Don't worry I'll return them after I've examined them. I do however have a powerful appetite and cannot make the same assurances about food. Haha!
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "Grievvers eat whatever they can catch. I often see them dragging rabbits, aurochs and other creatures wrapped in webbing across the valley floor. Yesterday I saw them drag an injured Olthoi to the east of the valley where I expect they have a nest of sorts. Unfortunately, many young warriors and mages new to the world also fall prey to the Grievvers out of inexperience.
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "What? A minor setback? Ah yes, the lifestones. You wouldn't think that was any worse than the hundreds of other ways we can die and be reborn anew into this world, but Grievvers prefer to eat their food alive I'm afraid. They try to injure their prey and cocoon it for consumption at their convenience. I... I sometimes hear horrible sounds from down there. Be careful here, I beg you.
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "I'm afraid I find the recent Grievver activity in this valley somewhat unsettling. They seem to guard the area against all other creatures. I've never seen Grievvers build a nest, but I think that's just what they are doing. Perhaps the lack of Shadow influence for so long is allowing them to return to a more natural existence. If you think yourself brave enough I would be very grateful to know what they are doing in the far east of the valley.

Handing in Silk

You give Verdentine Magnan Silk
Verdentine takes the Silk and fluffs it in his hands
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "That's some very nice Silk! Got it from a Grievver you say? Well you shouldn't try and get anymore for at least two weeks. We have to think about conservation don't we?
Verdentine Magnan gives you Silk
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "Here you go. Very interesting substance, it's a much finer quality than the webbing I've seen all over the valley. You know, I've heard of two machines able to spin fine materials like this into cloth. I seem to remember they were both found in Castles somewhere... let me check my notes.
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "Yes, here it is!
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "It says here that there was a Spinning Wheel found in a Castle to the Northeast of Shoushi overrun by skeletons... and here it says that a Loom was recently found in a food cellar at Neydisa Castle. The residents dragged it up to a tower room, but were unable to get it to produce any useable cloth.
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "I think our insect friends have provided you with the materials required. You might try seeing if you can get the devices to work.
Verdentine Magnan tells you, "Good luck in your travels my friend! I am going to continue my studies of these fascinating creatures here. Please, only kill them out of necessity so as not to disturb the fragile ecological balance in this area.

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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