Introduced:  The Widening Gyre
Flaming Skull
Flaming Skull Icon
  • Value: 1
  • Burden: 20
  • Skill: Missile Weapons (Thrown)
  • Damage: 10 - 25 , Fire
  • Speed: Very Fast (10)
  • Range: 0 yds.
  • It's a skull, that burns within with a strange supernatural flame. You can sense a strange, latent magic within it. When it is thrown in combat, it will mystically replenish itself, tapping into the magic until it is exhausted.
Flaming Skull Live

Flaming Skull


You give Alexander's Apprentice Skeleton's Skull.

Alexander's Apprentice tells you, "Making Masks is kind of a waste of time, since Alexander can do it as well. I can make wondrous thrown weapons though."

Alexander's Apprentice gives you 100 Flaming Skulls.

You give Janda's Apprentice Skeleton's Skull.

Janda's Apprentice tells you, "I find a flaming skull is the best way to deter a hostile creature from attacking you!"

Janda's Apprentice gives you 100 Flaming Skulls.

You give Tsua's Apprentice Skeleton's Skull.

Tsua's Apprentice tells you, "I have learned how the ancient art of bringing out the power innate to undead skulls. Either that, or I made a deal with the Virindi for special powers."

Tsua's Apprentice tells you, "You never can tell nowadays..."

Tsua's Apprentice gives you 100 Flaming Skulls.

  • Stack Size: 100
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