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Focusing Stone Quest
Level: 14
Type: Solo
Starts With: Le-Ai Rea
Starts At: Mayoi to Xinh portal at 60.8S, 80.4E.
Repeat: 20 Hours


  1. You must obtain a Skull of High Acolyte from the Skull of High Acolyte Quest before you can obtain the keys to the mines.
  2. This quest requires someone with Lockpick to pull two levers.
  3. One person with Lockpick can accomplish Part 2. The rest of the fellowship can continue on to Part 3 while keeping the doors open for the lever puller.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Obtaining Keys to the Mines

  1. Find Le-Ai Rea at 75.9S 57.3E and hand him the Skull of High Acolyte. He will return a Golden Key and Le-Ai Rea's Key.
  2. Enter the Mines of Despair at 75.4S, 57.2E.

Part 2: Mines of Despair (Levers)

  1. From the drop, head north and unlock the wooden door with the Golden Key.
  2. If you have a group, have someone hold this door for you, as you'll need to come back through it.
  3. Go left at the split and jump down into the pit.
  4. Hug the left wall until you reach a locked door at the bottom of a wide ramp. Unlock it.
  5. Take a right at the next split, and then your first left.
  6. At the next split, take a right, and then hug the wall left until you reach an intersection that has a pit to your left and a small square room to your right.
  7. Open the door to the small square room and use the wall lever to open the first door.
  8. Back out of the room,.jump down into the pit, and hug the wall left until you reach another small square room with a wall lever. Pull this lever to open the second door.
  9. Now portal recall to bring you back to the Mines of Despair drop.
  10. Head North and take a right at the split. Jump down into the pit, run down the ramp and hug the right wall to join your group.
    • Note: If the first door has closed already, use your Golden Key to open it again.

Part 3: Mines of Despair (Inactive Focusing Stone)

  1. Head north through the first door, then take a right at the split.
  2. Jump down into the pit, run down the ramp to the north, then hug the wall right until you reach a lever-activated door.
  3. One the door opens (from the lever runner), one person should hold it while the rest continue.
  4. Once through the door, take your first right.
  5. Hug the left wall until you reach another lever-activated door, in a larger room with Undead Miners.
  6. Again, wait here for the lever to be pulled, and when it opens, hold the door.
  7. Once your party is all together, move down the linear dungeon until you reach the Lich Overseer. Kill him and loot an Inactive Focusing Stone from his corpse (drops 3).
  8. Optional: While in this room, you can also loot a Empyrean Sun Stone, which is used in Diemos Flagging and in making Crafting Golems.
  9. Now, use Le-Ai Rea's Key on the door to the west, follow the hall into a larger room, and enter the portal to Beyond the Mines of Despair.

Part 3: Beyond the Mines of Despair

  1. From the drop, follow the linear dungeon until you reach a suspended bridge.
  2. Move to the center of the bridge and jump off to the West side.
  3. Run around to the North West, then use the ramp down on the East side.
  4. From here, its linear all the way to the final room, where you'll find a Vortex.
  5. Use the Inactive Focusing Stone on the Vortex to activate your Focusing Stone.


Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Mines of Despair 75.4S 57.2E -- 0188
Beyond the Mines of Despair From Mines of Despair -- 02AB


Use Inactive Focusing Stone on the Vortex
Give Skull of High Acolyte to Le-Ai Rea
Experience: 100,000 (Fixed)
Give unwanted Focusing Stone to Le-Ai Rea
Experience: 1,845,177 (35% up to level 50)



Handing in Scrawled Note

You give Le-Ai Rea Scrawled Note

Le-Ai Rea gives you Bound Book

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "Didn't you read the note? That place is dangerous. You'll surely die if you go in there.

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "Now I have to return the note to the dungeon. Thanks a lot!

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "I tell you what, hand me the skull of the Tortured Soul that hides in the Grievous Vault and I'll give you access to the mines.
Handing in Lich Skull

You give Le-Ai Rea Lich Skull.

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "You managed to find a lich's head? That is impressive."

Le-Ai Rea looks at a note thoughtfully for a moment.

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "Perhaps you can go into the Mines, but I can't give you the key to the final section unless you prove your worth. If you bring me the Skull of the High Acolyte I'll help you further."

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "The Mines are dangerous and much is unknown about what dwells there. I know not much about it; however, some great evil lurks in there. I can feel it."

Le-Ai Rea gives you Golden Key.
Handing in Skull of High Acolyte

You give Le-Ai Rea Skull of High Acolyte

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "Very impressive! You managed to obtain the most unholy of skulls.

You've earned 100,000 experience

Le-Ai Rea holds the Skull of the High Acolyte with much admiration

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "You have proven your worth to me.

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "Take these keys. It will give you access to the place many fear.

Le-Ai Rea gives you Golden Key

Le-Ai Rea gives you Le-Ai Rea's Key
Handing in Focusing Stone

You give Le-Ai Rea Focusing Stone

Le-Ai Rea tells you, "You adventurers always seem to be going in and taking these - I think I'd like to keep one of my own. You don't mind, do you?

You've earned 1,845,177 experience

Update History

Lonely in the World

  • Quest introduced.

Remembering the Past

  • XP reward of 1,845,177 (35% to up level 50) added for handing in a complete Focusing Stone.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 20 days to 20 hours.
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