Introduced:  Mirror, Mirror Related Quests:  Path of the Jojii Adherent
Font of Jojii
Font of Jojii Icon
Font of Jojii Live

The Font of Jojii found near Honshu Takeda.


  1. Use Brazier of Power on Crystals of Grace to create Grace and Power.
    • Brazier of Power Icon + Crystals of Grace Icon = Grace and Power Icon
  2. Use Grace and Power on Rock of Splendor to create Power, Grace and Splendor.
    • Grace and Power Icon + Rock of Splendor Icon = Power, Grace and Splendor Icon
  3. Use Pure Water on Power, Grace and Splendor to create Font of Jojii.
    • Pure Water Icon + Power, Grace and Splendor Icon = Font of Jojii Icon
You pour the water over the crystals and a magical change takes place.
  • Place on a Yard or Floor hook for the ability to use the font.
You have reached an enlightened state.
Font of Jojii cast Splendor of the Firebird on you
Font of Jojii cast Grace of the Unicorn on you
Font of Jojii cast Power of the Dragon on you
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