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Frest Greelving's Haunted Mansion
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts With: Frest Greelving
Starts At: 6.0N, 43.7E
Route: Facility Hub (30+ section)
Repeat: 20 Hours


One of the quests accessed through the Facility Hub, this quest is creepy and there are a lot of weird things to see. Not for the squeamish!

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Frest Greelving's Haunted Mansion

  1. Speak with Frest Greelving at 6.0N, 43.7E to receive Journal of Frest Greelving.
  2. Run up the hill to 6.5N, 43.9E and enter Frest Greelving's Mansion.
  3. Locate three of Frest Greelving's Chests to obtain the three items he requests:
    1. Main Floor: Frest Greelving's Emerald
    2. Bedroom: Frest Greelving's Puffy Shirt
    3. Tower: Antique Platter
  4. While you're in the tower, kill the level 44 Zombie and loot An Old Chronicle from his corpse.
  5. Return the Emerald, Shirt and Platter to Frest Greelving for the rewards. If you are only interested in completing the Hub quest, you may return to the Hub at this point and show the NPC one of the reward items.
  6. If you want to continue the quest, bring An Old Chronicle to Bretself the Translator at 26.0N 47.0E in Cragstone for translation and to obtain a Chronicle of Archeological Site Celadon.
  7. Return to Frest Greelving at 6.0N, 43.7E and hand him the Chronicle of Archeological Site Celadon. He will give you a Portal Chamber Key in return.
  8. Head back to Frest Greelving's Mansion at 6.5N, 43.9E and work your way into the basement, where you'll find a locked door (500 Diff).
  9. Use the Portal Chamber Key on the locked door and then use the Mansion Dungeon Portal to enter Frest Greelving's Dungeon.

Part 2: Frest Greelving's Dungeon

  1. From the drop, head to the Northwest corner of the dungeon, and look for the broken wall opening.
  2. Head North through the opening and work your way through the dungeon until you get to the icy part of the dungeon.
  3. From here, hug the left wall, moving through several big rooms until you get to a wishbone type split.
  4. Take the left hallway and follow it until you get to a large room with a swirling vortex.
  5. Kill the Zombie underneath the vortex and loot the Staff of Nullification from its corpse.
  6. Backtrack to the wishbone split, and now take the other (right) hallway.
  7. Follow the hallway until you come to another large room with a Dark Sarcophagus in it.
  8. Wield the Staff of Nullification and use it to kill the Dark Sarcophagus.
  9. Return to Frest Greelving at 6.0N, 43.7E and talk to him to receive your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Frest Greelving's Dungeon 6.5N, 43.9E -- 5651


Give Frest Greelving's Puffy Shirt to Frest Greelving
Give Frest Greelving's Emerald to Frest Greelving
Experience: 143,000 (Fixed)
Give Antique Platter to Frest Greelving
Experience: 143,000 (Fixed)
Destroy Dark Sarcophagus and speak to Frest Greelving
Experience: 143,000 (Fixed)
Exploration Society Icon
Facility Hub Bonus (Level 30+): Show a weapon reward to the Aun Warden
Experience: 950,000 (Fixed)


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Opening Dialog

Frest Greelving tells you, "Traveller, please! I wonder if I may call on you to help me? An unnamed evil permeates my mansion. I cannot go back in there! There are some objects of sentimental value I wish to have retrieved from my house. I will reward you if you do.

Frest Greelving tells you, "I shall give you a copy of my journal in which I have recorded the growing horror within that house. It also lists the items I would appreciate you retrieving for me. Also, if you should discover any clues of what is causing this horror, please bring them to me.

Frest Greelving gives you Journal of Frest Greelving
Handing in Frest Greelving's Puffy Shirt

You give Frest Greelving Frest Greelving's Puffy Shirt

Frest Greelving tells you, "Thank you, yes, that is my favorite puffy shirt! Here is your reward.

Frest Greelving tells you, "I've been using this to make stew. I think it's intended for use with thrown weapons, you can have it.

Frest Greelving gives you Silver Atlatl

Frest Greelving gives you 3,000 Pyreals.
Handing in Frest Greelving's Emerald

You give Frest Greelving Emerald Frest Greelving's Emerald

Frest Greelving tells you, "Thank you, you retrieved my precious emerald! Here is your reward.

Frest Greelving tells you, "Without my mansion I won't be needing this. I've been using it as a decorative piece.

Frest Greelving gives you Ornate Neckode

You've earned 143,000 experience.
Handing in Antique Platter

You give Frest Greelving Antique Platter

Frest Greelving tells you, "Thank you, that is my antique platter! Here is your reward.

Frest Greelving tells you, "I used this as a child for a game in which you hit spheres back.

Frest Greelving gives you Tetsubo Slugger

You've earned 143,000 experience.
Handing in An Old Chronicle

You give Frest Greelving An Old Chronicle

Frest Greelving tells you, "Ah, you found something. An ancient document... Perhaps it may explain this haunting.

Frest Greelving tells you, "Hmm, I believe the document is written in Yalaini. If you take it to Bretself the Translator who resides in Cragstone, he should be able to translate it for you. Please bring it back to me when it is translated.

Frest Greelving gives you An Old Chronicle.
Handing in Chronicle of Archeological Site Celadon

You give Frest Greelving Chronicle of Archeological Site Celadon

Frest Greelving tells you, "The translated version. So, it truly was written in Yalaini!

Frest Greelving tells you, "Have you read this already? This chronicle of terror chills my soul.

Frest Greelving shudders

Frest Greelving tells you, "Alas, it appears my gripe is with the Arcanum builders who constructed the mansion here. This ground is cursed and perhaps should not be inhabited. Yet, perhaps you may be able to do something to stop the horror that grips this place. I understand now that it comes from beneath the mansion. There is... something... down there. If you can eliminate this terror I would reward you.

Frest Greelving tells you, "I now give you permission to enter my mansion dungeon. Here is the key to the chamber where the portal is, you already know why I secured it. Take good care.

Frest Greelving gives you Chronicle of Archeological Site Celadon

Frest Greelving gives you Portal Chamber Key.
After destroying the Dark Sarcophagus

Frest Greelving tells you, "So, you were able to subdue the entity instigating the horrible occurrences in my house? I am delighted! I expect any spectral beings left haunting the mansion should leave soon and allow me to dwell there in peace.

Frest Greelving tells you, "Alas, I am low on cash at this time but I do have a fine piece of furniture I could give you. It just may remind you that there are are forces in the world, unknown, unknowable, unnameable!

Frest Greelving gives you Evil Couch

You've earned 143,000 experience.
Facility Hub Warden

Aun Warden tells you, "Spirits have risen from below the mansion of Frest Greelving.

Aun Warden tells you, "These spirts now walk the grounds. Greelving lives outside his own home.

Aun Warden tells you, "Recover the three belongings for which Frest Greelving asks from his mansion and return with the reward you're given.

Aun Warden tells you, "I will make this act worth your while.
Showing Reward Item to the Warden (Bonus Reward)

You allow Aun Warden to examine your Tetsubo Slugger.

Aun Warden tells you, "The spirits in the mansion are restless. You braved their presence and recovered his belongings."

Aun Warden tells you, "This is the reward I promised you. You will go on to do great things."

You've earned 950,000 experience.

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

Reforging the Past

Learning From Experience

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.
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