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November 2010 - Announcements Page

Patch Size: 6,373k (Client: 4,572k)

New Playable Races


Void Magic

Creature Balance

  • Major update to balance out creature level vs experience reward. Most mobs should now fall into the level and experience rewards listed in the table below.

Other Changes

The Temples of Forgetfulness and Enlightenment have had the timer for their use reset due to gameplay changes made in the November 2010 update.

New Quests

Updated Quests

Quests with Luminance reward added:

New NPCs

Luminance Seers:

Olthoi NPCs:

Void Magic NPCs:

Updated NPCs

  • Asheron - Located in the courtyard of his castle at 21.1N 69.2E.

New Locations

  • Frozen Valley
  • Olthoi Island
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 26.8S 94.9E - Tou Tou
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 85.4N 57.3E - Dark Isle
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 87.7S 65.1W - Candeth Keep
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 42.1N 82.7W - Redspire
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 64.1N 80.6E - Freebooter Isle
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 75.1S 21.5E - Qalaba'r
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 14.2S 43.1E - Yanshi
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 32.4N 56.3E - Arwic
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 69.8N 18.8E - Neydisa Castle
  • Olthoi Tunnels - 93.2S 50.4W - Moarsman City
  • Passage to Olthoi Island

Updated Locations

New Items

Corruptor's Gauntlets Icon.png Corruptor's GauntletsEmpyrean Robe (Blue) Icon.png Empyrean Robe (Blue)

Night Club Shirt (2010) Icon.png Night Club Shirt (2010)

Pitted Slag Icon.png Pitted Slag

Light Infused Healing Kit Icon.png Light Infused Healing KitOlthoi Fibrous Healing Tissue Icon.png Olthoi Fibrous Healing Tissue

Entryway Key Icon.png Entryway KeyCellar Key Icon.png Cellar Key

Acid Pit Icon.png Acid Pit

Soldier Pincer Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Pincer Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Pincer Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Pincer Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Pincer Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Pincer Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Pincer Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Pincer Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Soldier Abdomen Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Abdomen Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Abdomen Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Abdomen Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Abdomen Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Abdomen Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Abdomen Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Abdomen Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Soldier Tibia Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Tibia Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Tibia Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Tibia Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Tibia Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Tibia Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Tibia Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Tibia Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Soldier Head Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Head Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Head Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Head Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Head Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Head Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Head Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Head Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Soldier Trochanter Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Trochanter Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Trochanter Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Trochanter Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Trochanter Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Trochanter Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Trochanter Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Trochanter Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Foot Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Pedipalp Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Soldier Thorax Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Thorax Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Thorax Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Thorax Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Thorax Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Thorax Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Thorax Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Thorax Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Soldier Femur Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Soldier Femur Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Soldier Femur Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Soldier Femur Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Soldier Femur Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Soldier Femur Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Soldier Femur Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Soldier Femur Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Pincer Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Pincer Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Pincer Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Pincer Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Spitter Pincer Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Pincer Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Pincer Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Pincer Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Abdomen Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Abdomen Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Abdomen Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Abdomen Metamorphi (Critical Strike)

Spitter Abdomen Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Abdomen Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Abdomen Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Abdomen Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Tibia Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Tibia Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Tibia Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Tibia Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Spitter Tibia Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Tibia Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Tibia Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Tibia Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Head Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Head Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Head Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Head Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Spitter Head Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Head Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Head Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Head Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Trochanter Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Trochanter Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Trochanter Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Trochanter Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Spitter Trochanter Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Trochanter Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Trochanter Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Trochanter Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Foot Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Foot Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Foot Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Foot Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Spitter Foot Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Foot Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Foot Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Foot Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Pedipalp Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Spitter Pedipalp Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Pedipalp Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Pedipalp Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Pedipalp Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Thorax Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Thorax Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Thorax Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Thorax Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Spitter Thorax Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Thorax Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Thorax Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Thorax Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Spitter Femur Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Spitter Femur Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Spitter Femur Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Spitter Femur Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Spitter Femur Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Spitter Femur Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Spitter Femur Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Spitter Femur Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Lower Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Lower Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Lower Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Lower Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Lower Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Lower Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Lower Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Lower Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)Upper Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Critical Damage) Icon.png Upper Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Critical Damage)Upper Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Critical Strike) Icon.png Upper Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Critical Strike)Upper Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Damage Rating) Icon.png Upper Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Damage Rating)Upper Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Damage Reduction) Icon.png Upper Exoskeleton Metamorphi (Damage Reduction)

Draught of Revitalization Icon.png Draught of RevitalizationAcidic Rejuvenation Icon.png Acidic RejuvenationSaliva Invigorator Icon.png Saliva InvigoratorAcidic Infusion Icon.png Acidic Infusion

Battle Lord Gregor's Mnemosyne Icon.png Battle Lord Gregor's MnemosyneSlimy Broad Sword Icon.png Slimy Broad SwordLady Aerfalle's Charm Icon.png Lady Aerfalle's CharmLady Jaera's Wand Icon.png Lady Jaera's WandNorthern Tumerok Insignia Icon.png Northern Tumerok InsigniaSouthern Tumerok Insignia Icon.png Southern Tumerok InsigniaVoid Magic Gem of Enlightenment Icon.png Void Magic Gem of EnlightenmentVoid Magic Gem of Forgetfulness Icon.png Void Magic Gem of ForgetfulnessRuined Amulet of the Void Icon.png Ruined Amulet of the Void

Corruptor's Crystal Icon.png Corruptor's CrystalHieroglyph of Void Magic Mastery Icon.png Hieroglyph of Void Magic Mastery

Scroll of Void Magic Mastery Self Icon.png Scroll of Void Magic Mastery SelfScroll of Void Magic Mastery Other Icon.png Scroll of Void Magic Mastery OtherScroll of Void Magic Ineptitude Icon.png Scroll of Void Magic IneptitudeScroll of Clouded Soul Icon.png Scroll of Clouded SoulScroll of Corrosion Icon.png Scroll of CorrosionScroll of Corruption Icon.png Scroll of CorruptionScroll of Destructive Curse Icon.png Scroll of Destructive CurseScroll of Festering Curse Icon.png Scroll of Festering CurseScroll of Nether Arc Icon.png Scroll of Nether ArcScroll of Nether Bolt Icon.png Scroll of Nether BoltScroll of Nether Streak Icon.png Scroll of Nether StreakScroll of Weakening Curse Icon.png Scroll of Weakening Curse

Foci of Shadow Icon.png Foci of ShadowGlyph of Void Magic Icon.png Glyph of Void MagicGlyph of Damage Icon.png Glyph of DamageGlyph of Nether Icon.png Glyph of NetherBottled Rage Icon.png Bottled RageNightshade Icon.png NightshadeShadowroot Icon.png ShadowrootEssence of Kemeroi Icon.png Essence of KemeroiSoulweed Icon.png Soulweed

Spectral Crystal of the Corruptor Icon.png Spectral Crystal of the CorruptorLuminous Crystal of Surging Strength Icon.png Luminous Crystal of Surging StrengthLuminous Crystal of Towering Defense Icon.png Luminous Crystal of Towering DefenseLuminous Pearl of Blood Drinking Icon.png Luminous Pearl of Blood DrinkingLuminous Pearl of Heart Seeking Icon.png Luminous Pearl of Heart SeekingLuminous Pearl of Defending Icon.png Luminous Pearl of DefendingLuminous Pearl of Spirit Drinking Icon.png Luminous Pearl of Spirit DrinkingLuminous Crystal of Vitality Icon.png Luminous Crystal of Vitality

Journal of a Soldier Icon.png Journal of a SoldierTorn Note Icon.png Torn NoteLuminance, and the Paths of the Empyrean Icon.png Luminance, and the Paths of the Empyrean

Light Falatacot Token of the Aura of Specialization Icon.png Light Falatacot Token of the Aura of SpecializationLight Falatacot Token of the Aura of Invulnerability Icon.png Light Falatacot Token of the Aura of InvulnerabilityDark Falatacot Token of the Aura of Specialization Icon.png Dark Falatacot Token of the Aura of SpecializationDark Falatacot Token of the Aura of Destruction Icon.png Dark Falatacot Token of the Aura of DestructionDericost Token of the Aura of Retribution Icon.png Dericost Token of the Aura of RetributionDericost Token of the Aura of Destruction Icon.png Dericost Token of the Aura of DestructionHaebrean Token of the Aura of Hardening Icon.png Haebrean Token of the Aura of HardeningHaebrean Token of the Aura of Invulnerability Icon.png Haebrean Token of the Aura of InvulnerabilityToken of the Aura of Aetheric Vision Icon.png Token of the Aura of Aetheric VisionToken of the Aura of Glory Icon.png Token of the Aura of GloryToken of the Aura of Temperance Icon.png Token of the Aura of TemperanceToken of the Aura of Protection Icon.png Token of the Aura of ProtectionToken of the Aura of Valor Icon.png Token of the Aura of ValorToken of the Aura of Purity Icon.png Token of the Aura of PurityToken of the Aura of Mana Infusion Icon.png Token of the Aura of Mana InfusionToken of the Aura of Mana Flow Icon.png Token of the Aura of Mana FlowToken of the Aura of the Craftsman Icon.png Token of the Aura of the CraftsmanToken of Skill Icon.png Token of SkillToken of the Luminous Crystal of Surging Strength Icon.png Token of the Luminous Crystal of Surging StrengthToken of the Luminous Crystal of Towering Defense Icon.png Token of the Luminous Crystal of Towering DefenseToken of the Luminous Pearl of Blood Drinking Icon.png Token of the Luminous Pearl of Blood DrinkingToken of the Luminous Pearl of Heart Seeking Icon.png Token of the Luminous Pearl of Heart SeekingToken of the Luminous Pearl of Defending Icon.png Token of the Luminous Pearl of DefendingToken of the Luminous Pearl of Spirit Drinker Icon.png Token of the Luminous Pearl of Spirit DrinkerToken of the Luminous Crystal of Vitality Icon.png Token of the Luminous Crystal of VitalityToken of the Light Infused Healing Kit Icon.png Token of the Light Infused Healing KitToken of the Draught of Revitalization Icon.png Token of the Draught of Revitalization

Salivatory Goo Icon.png Salivatory Goo

Infused Void Magic Icon.png Infused Void Magic

Updated Items

  • Adept's Set - Spell added for Void Magic Bonus.
  • Enscorcelled Robe Icon.png Enscorcelled Robe
  • Metal Round Shield Icon.png Metal Round Shield
    • Shield level raised from 90 to 165.
    • Weapon mastery spells increased from level III to level V
  • Vanguard Leader's Amulet Icon.png Vanguard Leader's Amulet
    • Spells increased from level II to level VI.
  • Vanguard Leader's Morningstar Icon.png Vanguard Leader's Morningstar
    • Base damage increased from 7-14, bludgeoning to 19.2 - 32, cold.
    • Resistance Cleaving added.
    • Speed changed from 60 to 50.
    • Spells increased from level III.
    • Activation reqs. changed from Arcane Lore: 10, Mace: 150 to Arcane Lore: 225, Mace: 325.
  • Vanguard Leader's Crossbow Icon.png Vanguard Leader's Crossbow
    • 10% melee modifier added.
    • Resistance Cleaving added.
    • Spells increased from level II/III.
    • Activation reqs. changed from Arcane Lore: 10, Crossbow: 140 to Arcane Lore: 225, Crossbow: 290.
  • Spear of the Given Heart Icon.png Spear of the Given Heart
    • Spells updated to level VII, SK added.
    • Pierce damage changed to fire.
    • Resistance cleaving added.
  • Asheron's Supreme Raiment Icon.png Asheron's Supreme Raiment
    • Attribute spell added.
    • Spells increased from level 6 to 7.
    • Cantrips increased from minors to majors.
    • Level requirement increased from 80 to 120.
  • Asheron's Greater Raiment Icon.png Asheron's Greater Raiment
    • Attribute spell added.
    • Spells increased from level 6 to 7.
    • Level requirement increased from 60 to 90.
  • Asheron's Raiment Icon.png Asheron's Raiment
    • Attribute spell added.
    • Level requirement increased from 40 to 60.
  • Asheron's Lesser Raiment Icon.png Asheron's Lesser Raiment
    • Spells increased from level 4/5 to 6.
    • Level requirement increased from 20 to 40.
  • Hamud's Pyreal Katar Icon.png Hamud's Pyreal Katar
    • Damage increased from 4.8 - 12 to 19.2 - 32.
    • Resistance Cleaving: Electrical property added.
    • Attack mod changed from +7% to +15%.
    • Melee mod changed from +10% to +15%.
    • Old spells: Defender V, Blood Drinker VI, Swift Killer II, Heart Seeker V, Quickness Other V.
    • New spells: Cragstone's Will, Infected Caress, Swift Killer II, Elysa's Sight, Ogfoot.
  • Oswald's Dagger Icon.png Oswald's Dagger
    • Base damage increased from 6.5 - 13 to 14.4 - 24.
    • Resistance Cleaving: Electrical property added.
    • Modifiers increased from 5% to 15%.
    • Spells updated.
      • Old spells: Blood Drinker V, Minor Quickness, Deception Mastery V, Gertarh's Curse, Heart Seeker V
      • New spells: Aura of Infected Caress, Major Quickness, Ketnan's Blessing, Gertarh's Curse, Aura of Elysa's Sight
    • Wield req. increased from 250 to 400.

New Creatures

Banderling Icon.png Banderling

Drudge Icon.png Drudge

Golem Icon.png Golem

Gurog Icon.png Gurog

Human Icon.png Human

Mattekar Icon.png Mattekar

Reedshark Icon.png Reedshark

Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton

Swarm Icon.png Swarm

Undead Icon.png Undead

Virindi Icon.png Virindi

Wisp Icon.png Wisp

Zefir Icon.png Zefir

Updated Creatures

The following creatures have been updated and increased in difficulty as part of related quest updates.

New Dialog


Asheron says, "I am glad that after all these years some of the Empyreans that have been stuck are home once again."

Asheron says, "It is terrible to think about what they went through with the Virindi using them for experiments. How a race can be so cruel is beyond my understanding."

Asheron says, "Although it appears that even Empyreans have the ability to be that heartless. I do not know what end result Geraine is after, but, I do know it cannot possibly be a good thing."

Town Crier

Free Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard rumors of a strange new magic entering the world."

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard reports of several strange seers, who are testing those powerful enough to use their gifts. I wonder what that's about..."

Town Crier tells you, "Empyreans have returned to Dereth! Asheron still seems troubled by something. I figured he'd be happy."

Pyreal Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "Five Seers have made their presence known with the return of the Empyreans. For those who are strong enough, they can find the first Seer, Nalicana, in Asheron's Castle."

Town Crier tells you, "Those with the skill to wield the darkness of the world as a school of magic have entered the world. Scriveners of this new Void Magic can be found in many towns throughout Dereth."

Town Crier tells you, "Strange creatures, who call themselves Gurog, have appeared in the mountains of Northern Osteth. Be warned, these creatures are very dangerous, and should only be hunted by the most experienced adventurers."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

Free Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "More strange creatures walking this world. You would think this place was already corrupted enough, but apparently Geraine didn't think so."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Luminance? Bah! When I visited those Seers they were so awe struck by my power they bowed down to me and told about how the legend of the amazing Ulgrim reached them, even while they were stuck in portal space."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Void Magic doesn't work on me, it only makes me more powerful."

Stout Rumors

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Apparently the Void of Bael'zharon brought this new Void Magic with him. Oohh rage and anger. Emotional much? That guy needs to man up and have a stout."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Have you noticed all of those filthy Olthoi running around? Apparently there is some new queen trying to gain power where the other Olthoi failed before. All I know is if those Olthoi make me spill my stout... there will be hell to pay."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant tells you, "Luminance, Seers, Augs, those Empyreans were holding on to all kinds of things in Portal Space. You'd think they could of used them all together to find a way out of their instead of just sitting around waiting to be saved. I supposed not everyone can be as amazing as myself. The world would certainly be better if they could be like me though."

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