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Spell List War Magic

  • Spell Words: Quavosh Quapaj
  • Spells within a group will override spells in the same group with the same or lower difficulty.
  • Spells in different groups will stack with each other.
  • Type refers to whether a spell is player castable ( Learnable Spell Icon ), player castable but retired ( Retired Spell Icon ), player usable but only on items ( Item Only Spell Icon ), only used by creatures ( Creature Only Spell Icon ), or unknown/not in game ( Unknown Icon ).

Group I

Type Spell Links Duration Range Mana Difficulty Description Base Components
Learnable Spell Icon Foon-Ki's Glacial Floe Link Icon -- 30.0 80 200 Sends a wall of five balls of frost, two high, slowly towards the target. Each ball does 30-60 points of cold damage to the first thing it hits. The wall is created 2 meters in front of the caster. Diamond Scarab IconDiamond Scarab IconDragonsblood IconPowdered Onyx IconColcothar IconElder Talisman Icon
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