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Monarch Allegiance Name Hometown Website Mansion
Hellhawk Hell Inc Mayoi Mayoi Mansion (66.1S, 80.8E)
Tika Waylen Dragon Moon Clan Eastham The Dragon Moon Clan Northreach Mansion (79.8N 32.7E)
Neon Opal Avatars of the Sky Yaraq Avatars of the Sky South Shore Overlook Mansion (90.4S, 08.9E)
Majesto The Fallen Angels Yaraq The Fallen Angels South Shore Mansion (91.9S, 12.7E)
Ferahgo the Assasin Red Order of Gimps (RoG) Eastham None Olthoi North Mansion (61.7N, 75.2E)
Magic Goddess La Société des Buveurs Attardés Al-Jalima La Société des Buveurs Attardés Ridge Route Mansion (16.3N 43.1W)
Kellin Mercykiller KMA (Kellin Mercykiller Allegiance) Tou Tou None Snow Capped Mountain Mansion (64.6S, 73.6E)
Ac's sugar daddy Born On Parole Eastham None Nanto North Mansion (47.1S 79.4E)
Sinned The Arcane Order Eastham None Baishi North Mansion (41.5S, 65.6E)
Murderous The Old Schoolers Holtburg None Plateau River Mansion (58.5N, 49.5W)
Evad Legov The Acolytes of Chester Copperpot Holtburg None None