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Frozen Fury
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts With: Mage Syltyn Rillon
Starts At: Glenden Wood at 27.8N, 24.7E
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Frozen Fury


Prove yourself worthy to Mage Syltyn Rillon by bringing her a Virindi Signet, you may then remove the Sword of Frozen Fury from its dais in Glenden Wood.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: The Virindi Complex

  1. Mage Syltyn Rillon (near Glenden Wood at 27.8N, 24.7E) will give you the text, A Tale of Paths, to help with navigating the Virindi Complex.
  2. Make your way to the complex at 73.8N, 25.1E.
  3. From the drop, jump down each step and through the passage to more drops with a bridge overhead (used to exit the dungeon). After reaching the bottom head south until you reach two portals with another copy of A Tale of Paths.
  4. Pick up the book if you didn't keep the original and want to find your own way through the complex.
  5. The west portal follows Atlas' route and the east portal is Syretta's route from the story.

Part 2: Navigating the Portal Maze

  1. We will follow Atlas' route, so head west into the portal and you will appear in a room with four portals, from here take the west portal again to end up in a room with 8 portals.
  2. Now take the east portal in the middle into a room with 4 portals lined up in a row.
  3. Take the last portal to the east of the row and then in the next room take either of the middle portals.
  4. You should now be in a room with a red moving light and two portals.
  5. Take the west portal and then east in the next room with 4 portals.
  6. If you succesfully traversed the portal rooms you will fall through some mysterious lights into the next section. Go into the portal in the middle of the room.
  7. Head around the caged lighting area and down the passage to the left.
  8. Ignore all side passages and stick to the main path and you should come to a ledge with a flame in the center leading up into the ceiling. Jump down off the ledge to the left and head north - the next part is fairly linear and leads up and around platforms suspended in the air with crystals.
  9. As you head up go east past the area that contains what looks like cells for experiments. You should now be in a room with a single platform in the middle with a Virindi Executor on top of it. The Virindi Interrogators here drop A Virindi Signet.
  10. The exit portal leads to the bridges mentioned earlier which cross over into a room with the surface portal.
  11. Bring the signet back to Mage Syltyn Rillon to be flagged to remove the Sword of Frozen Fury from the dais at 29.6N, 27.4E.


Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Virindi Complex 73.8N, 25.1E -- 5B42


Levels 1 - 49
Experience: 5,000,000 (100% up to level 51)
Levels 50 - 64
Experience: 9,000,000 (66% up to level 65)
Levels 65 - 79
Experience: 25,000,000 (85% up to level 80)



Opening Dialog

Mage Syltyn Rillon tells you, "Hello. I am Mage Syltyn Rillon, a member of the Explorer Society. Perhaps you are wondering about the sword on the dais in town. I had been a friend of Martine's back on Ispar. I encountered Martine here, during one of his mad rampages. He knew not who I was, nor did he seem to care and the encounter ended badly for me. Upon arriving at the Lifestone I was angry, yet understood that the Virindi were principally at fault for causing Martine's actions. I became determined to help fellow Isparians combat the Virindi and other perils of this harsh land. With the help of Omaro Nagate the weaponsmith, I crafted a frost sword that should be of good utility to adventurers who are skilled in the ways of the blade."

Mage Syltyn Rillon tells you, "To obtain this weapon you must first prove your worthiness. There is a Virindi complex north of Bandit Road. I left a note on a tree along Bandit Road, east of Neydisa Castle, marking the location where you should turn north. Go to the complex, navigate through it and bring to me a Virindi Signet. I shall then allow you to take the sword."

Mage Syltyn Rillon tells you, "Oh, take this. It will aid you in your journey through part of the complex. Read it carefully."

Mage Syltyn Rillon gives you A Tale of Paths.
Speaking to Syltyn Rillon again

Mage Syltyn Rillon tells you, "If you are having difficulty finding the complex, go along Bandit Road and find the note I left."
Returning to Syltyn Rillon

Mage Syltyn Rillon tells you, "Ah, so you have returned. Not all do. Did you get a signet from one of the Virindi? If so, please give it to me."
Giving Virindi Signet to Mage Syltyn Rillon

You allow Mage Syltyn Rillon to examine your A Virindi Signet.

You hand over 1 of your A Virindi Signets.

Mage Syltyn Rillon tells you, "Thank you. I see you succeeded. You were clever in navigating the dungeon and sufficiently brave to face its denizens. I deem you worthy of receiving the Sword of Frozen Fury. You may go now and take it from the dais."

Mage Syltyn Rillon tells you, "If you should desire a weapon that is easier to carry, you may take the sword to Omaro Nagate at the Glenden Wood West Outpost. Omaro Nagate is a skilled weaponsmith and may alter the sword to be a dagger. I wish you safe travels and swiftness of blade when they are otherwise."

You've earned 25,000,000 experience.

Mage Syltyn Rillon gives you Trade Note (250,000).

You must wait 20h to complete this quest again.
Speaking to Syltyn Rillon again

Mage Syltyn Rillon tells you, "I hope you make good use of the sword you obtained so recently."

You must wait 20h to complete this quest again.
Exchanging Sword of Frozen Fury for Dagger of Frozen Fury

You give Weaponsmith Omaro Nagate Sword of Frozen Fury

Weaponsmith Omaro Nagate tells you, "You wish this sword converted into a dagger? Very well, I shall do my best. I hope you do not end up with just the hilt, like my last three customers...

Despite his quips, Omaro Nagate skillfully refashions the Sword of Frozen Fury into a Dagger of Frozen Fury

Weaponsmith Omaro Nagate tells you, "I am just joking. Here you are.

Weaponsmith Omaro Nagate gives you Dagger of Frozen Fury.

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

Filling in the Blanks

  • XP reward added.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.
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