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Frying Pan
Frying Pan Icon
  • Value: 50
  • Burden: 150
  • This item is used in cooking.
Frying Pan Live

Frying Pan


  • Recipes which call for Frying Pan.
  • Does not stack.

Sold By

NPC Cost Town/Area Coordinates
Ashqa the Shopkeeper 68 Samsur 3.1S, 22.1E
Atqur the Shopkeeper 68 North Yaraq Outpost 18.7S, 1.4W
Calvinne Sporgenzenni the Shopkeeper 85 Silyun 87.3N, 70.3W
Dobblar 68 Kor-Gursha 67.4N, 30.5E
Farmer Ri Na 68 Yanshi 20.6S, 44.2E
Festival Vendor 50 Glenden Wood 29.8N, 27.3E
Girdweld the Shopkeeper 68 South Rithwic Outpost 7.6N, 58.4E
Grocer Cortarn 68 Lytelthorpe 0.5N, 51.0E
Grocer Nan-Yu-Yenbuto 68 Yanshi 12.2S, 42.3E
Grocer Parsal 78 Eastham 17.5N, 63.5E
Grocer Pon Hau-jo 68 Sawato 28.7S, 59.5E
Helford Beldryn the Grocer 85 Dryreach 7.9S, 73.1E
Hudriffa the Shopkeeper 68 South Holtburg Outpost 39.5N, 33.4E
Hydeatha the Shopkeeper 68 East Rithwic Outpost 10.2N, 61.4E
Lonely Merchant 78 Al-Jalima 13.4N, 5.3E
Lu'zura the Shopkeeper 68 East Yaraq Outpost 21.3S, 1.3E
Muoyen Han the Grocer 78 Baishi 49.3S, 62.5E
Najsuf al-Afan the Shopkeeper 78 Khayyaban 47.5S, 24.6E
Nakoro Eshii-Shinjo the Provisioner 95 Wai Jhou 61.8S, 51.3W
Nu'nifiba the Shopkeeper 68 Samsur 0.2N, 16.4E
Pawn Shopkeep 85 Casino
Provisioner Murdo 85 Bandit Castle 66.3N, 49.8E
Provisioner Warster the Handy 85 MacNiall's Freehold 74.0S, 92.2E
Rahira bint Hisan the Shopkeeper 68 Yaraq 21.6S, 1.6W
Riflyffa the Shopkeeper 68 East Lytelthorpe Outpost 1.0N, 54.3E
Shopkeep Bubtil al-Taywi 68 Tufa 15.1S, 4.4E
Shopkeep Julsama bint Sakim 68 Samsur 2.9S, 19.6E
Shopkeep Kuro of Kara 85 Kara 83.4S, 47.1E
Shopkeep Qufar ibn Ijtalwa 68 Al-Arqas 31.1S, 14.1E
Shopkeep Yudi ibn Zayrim 73 Zaikhal 13.7N, 0.7E
Shopkeeper (Eastwatch) (Shopkeeper) 95 Eastwatch 90.4N, 43.1W
Shopkeeper (Westwatch) (Shopkeeper) 95 Westwatch 72.8N, 73.51W
Shopkeeper Tirua 68 Al-Arqas West Outpost 31.3S, 10.8E
Shopkeeper Yasiya 68 Al-Arqas North Outpost 28.2S, 13.8E
Su'nah bint Arfiz the Shopkeeper 78 Al-Jalima 7.6N, 4.8E
Suntar al-Tashqat the Shopkeep 85 Qalaba'r 74.3S, 19.3E
Thimrin Woodsetter 70 Candeth Keep 87.5S, 67.2W
Tromylda the Shopkeeper 68 West Lytelthorpe Outpost 1.0N, 48.3E
Tyokai Renjiro the Grocer 90 Candeth Keep 87.8S, 67.3W
Waham ibn Fadyat the Shopkeeper 78 Uziz 25.5S, 28.2E
Wantorth the Shopkeeper 68 West Holtburg Outpost 42.4N, 30.8E
Ynarre the Grocer 68 Rithwic 10.2N, 58.5E
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