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Asheron tells you, "This world has suffered too many losses, and I have bore witness to too many of them. No longer. Gaerlan must be stopped."

Asheron tells you, "Our futures have been altered by Gaerlan. The time has come to right what he has made wrong. Martine's sacrifice shall not have been made in vain. We will avenge him and see that his gift to us is not wasted."

Asheron tells you, "Misfortune begs me tell you that Gaerlan is using some magic to bar me from his citadel. Though I have regained much of my strength from my injuries I am using much to keep his citadel here upon the ground."

Asheron tells you, "I have, however, located four Platinum Golems within the citadel. They are slumbering at the moment and need to be awakened. But once they are awake I can communicate with them and learn what they know of this citadel. Then perhaps I can assist you in traversing the several areas in an effort to meet and defeat Gaerlan."

Asheron tells you, "Your efforts over the past cycle of the moons has proven invaluable and he is cornered now. Be wary for this will make him dangerous, but you should also know that he is indeed much weaker. Take this."

Asheron gives you Imbued Pyreal Nugget.

Asheron tells you, "The portals into the citadel's inverted ziggurat lay nearby. I have been able to determine the rudimentary difficulty of the areas within and have restricted the entrances to assist you in your task. Find the appropriate portal and enter the ziggurat, find the golem and give the nugget to it. I will speak to you more once this is accomplished."

Gaerlan's taunts

You have proven to be weaker then even I expected. Once you have mastered the simpler arts you should return to face me.

Your knowledge of things arcane impresses the rats I assume?

Does your strength of magical knowledge come from an even lesser species?

I've sacrificed much of what I was to attain this form, and still you cannot harm me with your... magic.

Children are born with more knowledge than you.

There is nothing for you here, child.

Gaerlan's frost aspect is defeated

[Player Name] has defeated Gaerlan's frost aspect. As the illusion crumbles away a portal coalesces in the Citadel Library beckoning the brave defenders of Dereth to face down Gaerlan's fiery aspect.

Gaerlan's electric aspect is defeated

[Player Name] has slain Gaerlan's electric aspect. As the illusion crumbles away a portal coalesces in the Citadel Library and in Eastham. Asheron says, "The way to his chambers is open. Hurry within and end his reign of terror."

Gaerlan's true form is defeated

[Player Name] with the assistance of their fellow Isparians has defeated Gaerlan. As the madman falls, a hush spreads in the place that was once his citadel.

As [Player Name]'s blow forces the last vestige of life from him Gaerlan screams, "Asheron! You have betrayed your brethren for these vermin. There is a place reserved where you shall suffer for eternity for this ultimate betrayal!"

Nuhmudira traps Gaerlan inside the Phylacteric Prison

Nuhmudira appears in a flourish of wispy thin smoke, as she coalesces she lets out a low laugh. Gaerlan's form seems frozen in time.

Nuhmudira says, "Dead? Dead? Not dead. Not yet. There is so much left that you need to do."

Nuhmudira says, "You have done well to ruin this cur's reign. I also would like to thank those of you that assisted me in my hour of need. It is difficult to show such forgiveness to one that finds and kills her own kind. I am glad that some of you had that pity in your heart."

Nuhmudira pauses and gives a hard look to the floating form of Gaerlan.

Nuhmudira says, "On the other hand, I have no such pity within my breast for this man."

Nuhmudira starts speaking in an incomprehensible language.

Nuhmudira says, "Saervu Nuhmudi, Gaerlan."

Mana swirls in the place where Gaerlan was slain.

Nuhmudira says, "Yes, Gaerlan an endless life of servitude. Forever imprisoned within the walls of this citadel. Worse still within a phylactery. You shall rise so that my people may visit upon you the torment you meant for me to endure."

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