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Gaerlan was a mage of the Yalain Empire, and a student of Asheron's. He and his brother Delacim studied portal magic and other arts under Asheron's tutelage.[1][2]

During one of his explorations, he discovered a library (Gelidite Library from its description) with ancient Falatacot books.[3] He started cataloging and translating these books in service of Emperor Kellin II.[4][1] He also discovered the remnants of a Gelid elemental cult flying fortress off the coast of Aerlinthe, and studied the magic that he found within another library, the Citadel Library, to look for a way to help the Yalaini and Haebrous against the Dericost.[3][2][1][5][6][7][8]

Delacim was a far better student[3], but Gaerlan was devious and used his connections to the Imperial throne and Nali Valind to blackmail Asheron with his knowledge of the reason behind Asheron's prolonged life, and continue his studies.[9][2][3][10] The Emperor also appoints Gaerlan to watch over Asheron, acting as a representative of the court at the Knorr Lyceum.[11]

During an expedition to the Olthoi homeworld, Delacim was killed.[3][1][12] Gaerlan blamed Asheron for his brother's death and sought to bring about the mage's downfall. Gaerlan used his position to levy the Emperor to force further expeditions to this world despite Asheron's objections.[12][13] By order of the Emperor Kellin II, Gaerlan visited the Olthoi world a few times more, to capture "specimens", including an Olthoi Queen.[14] He attempted to trap Asheron on the Olthoi homeworld, but failed, and it is possible that his attempt was what allowed the Olthoi unimpeded access to Auberean.[2][1][4][3]

When the last of the Empyrean were sent away by Asheron, Gaerlan was among the survivors who were sent into portal space. He remained there until Candeth Martine opened the portals from Dereth to Marae Lassel. This apparently created some sort of fluctuation in portal space that freed Gaerlan and returned him to Dereth.[2][1][4][15][16]

Gaerlan sought revenge against Asheron and determined to rid Dereth of the "vermin" who inhabited it -- the Isparians. He made Martine his unwitting puppet At first, Gaerlan seems to want to help Martine.[17] Gaerlan stays in Martine's Retreat.[3][15] With his assistance, Martine creates Dranith Menacet and plans for the assassination of Borelean.[15]Gaerlan is also the one reinforcing's Martine's ideas about the Isparians planning to kill him and his "son" Dranith Menacit.[15]

In secret, Gaerlan starts experimenting with Elemental Magic and creates the elemental cisterns to rise his Citadel.[3] Gaerlan reveals his motives and goals by attacking Asheron directly, and the role Martine played as his pawn becomes clear. This results in Martine falling into a deep depression.[18][19][20]

Gaerlan also manipulated and betrayed the Isparian sorceress Nuhmudira[2][3] with help Kai Mallan. He trapped her in the Oubliette in Gelidite Library and tortured.[21] [22][23][1]. Nuhmudira manages to escape[24][1][4], with help of ancient Falatacot magics and assistance of the Sclavus.[25] Gaerlan attempts to raise the Harbinger using Nuhmudira as a vessel but fails due to her prior escape.[26][27][28] The energy from the failed summoning destroys the town of Yanshi.[29]

In the month of Leafdawning, Portal Year 13, Gaerlan began open war against Asheron and the Isparians. He used elemental magic to become the master of Elementals and to raise a great army, which invaded Dereth.[5][6][7][8] He sought to unleash the Harbinger against his foes.[2] He strives to bring his brethren and Emperor Kellin II back from portal space.[3]

In the end, the betrayal of his puppets proved to be his undoing. The final battle at September 18th between Gaerlan and Martine ends with the fall of Gaerlan's Citadel and the disappearance of Martine[30][17]
This allows the Isparians to assault it directly with the aid of Asheron. Weakened by his battle with Martine, Gaerlan was unable to defeat the Isparians who assaulted him. In the end, Nuhmudira imprisoned him in a magical in Gaerlan's Phylacteric Prison.[31][32][33] . He continues to suffer for his crimes.[2]

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Gaerlan's Citadel

Before his Citadel crashed in the Citadel Valley in northern Osteth, it could actually be watched being moved by elemental energies when it reached the northern coast of Dereth, coming from Aerlinthe. Note that the main tower of the citadel, which later became the Citadel Apex, is still firmly attached


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