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Gateway to the Deep
Level: 130
Type: Solo
Starts With: Shuthoth
Starts At: 60.1S, 87.7W in Ayan Baqur
Repeat: 20 Hours


This Quest is also known as Vissidal Flagging or 130 Flagging. Completing this quest provides you with access to Vissidal Island.

You need to collect 4 items before you start on your way. If with a fellowship, everyone will need each of the 4 items:

If you have already completed the quest and are helping players, you do not need the items and can instead simply use each statue to continue.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

  1. Talk to Shuthoth (60.1S 87.7W in Ayan Baqur) will give you a Watcher Token.
  2. Travel to Aerlinthe (by going to Candeth Keep and Paying a D Note to an Undead just southeast of Candeth Keep) and follow the beach east then north to 87.3N 51.2E and give the Watcher Token to the Devastated Watcher statue on the beach. If you have previously given a token, simply use the statue.
  3. The statue portals you inside the Devastated Falatacot Temple. At the end of the dungeon is a portal to the Gatekeepers.
  4. Speak to Shemza, then give a Yellow Jewel to Shemza, you will be portaled into the dungeon Gateway of Shemza. You will need to use a candle stick shown on the map to open a door half way down. There is a free BMK chest by the jump. At the end kill the Radiant Crystal (melees work well with Imperil) and pick up one of the Radiant Shards. Use the exit portal to return to the Gatekeepers.
  5. Give the Radiant Shard to Lurza, then give Lurza a Sezzherei's Lair Portal Gem. You'll be portaled into the dungeon Gateway of Lurza. There is another BMK on the way down. When you come to the end of the acid floor, shift jump up onto the grate then kill the Dazzling Crystal and pick up a Dazzling Shard. Use the exit portal.
  6. Give the Dazzling Shard to Dmesne, then give Dmesne a Pyreal Bar to be portaled into the dungeon Gateway of Dmesne. At the end is the Brilliant Crystal that drops Brilliant Shards.
  7. Give the Brilliant Shard to Rhujun, then give a Swamp Stone. You'll be portaled to a small island, speak to the Flame Guardian near the drop who tasks you with killing five Water Golems. Speak to the Guardian again when done.
  8. The Flame Guardian sends you to Abandoned Mines Mirror, a dungeon very similar to subway. Head to the bottom and kill Bur Lizk who summons a portal on death.
  9. You are sent to another small island, similar to the previous one. Speak to the Water Guardian who instructs you to kill five Fire Golems. Speak to the guardian after doing so and you will be given a Watery Token and portaled to 70.3N 65.4E.
  10. Give the token to the Watcher of the Deep. You are now flagged for Vissidal Island, there is a portal just south of the statue on the beach. There's also a lifestone, however there is a lifestone on the island itself if you use the portal (at 80.2N 59.4E). Portal gems to Vissidal can also be purchased from Archmage Moldurg at 79.9N 59.2E.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Corrupted Falatacot Temple 87.3N 41.6E 003A 003A.png 003A
Devastated Falatacot Temple 87.3N 51.2E 003D 003D.png 003D
Gateway of Shemza 87.6S 4.4W -- 003B
Gateway of Lurza 87.6S 4.4W -- 003B
Gateway of Dmesne 87.6S 4.4W -- 003B
Abandoned Mines Mirror 38.6N 65.8W -- 003C


Other: * Access to Vissidal



Opening Dialog

Shuthoth tells you, "Welcome, friend. I seek warriors in search of great adventure. I represent one who would grant the Isparians of this world much power, much knowledge."

Shuthoth tells you, "She has found something. Something powerful beneath the waves of this world. A city, ancient and doomed. The blue-skinned King did his part to raise it from the deep, but I daresay he could not have done it alone."

Shuthoth tells you, "Now that the island exists, the lady would ask Dereth's hunters and adventurers to explore its mysteries."

Shuthoth tells you, "If you seek such a challenge, I bid you take this gem and place it within the empty eye of one of Aerlinthe's Watchers. The Watchers will tell you what else you must do."

Shuthoth tells you, "You have the spark of adventure within you. Good luck, my friend."

Shuthoth gives you Watcher Token.
Using the Devastated Watcher

The Watcher looks down on you, a glint in its one good eye. There appears to be something missing from the other eye socket.
Giving the Watcher Token to the Devastated Watcher

You give Devastated Watcher Watcher Token.

The gem clicks into place within the Watcher's empty eye socket. The statue hums to life and looks down upon you. You hear a whisper in your mind, "Appease the Gatekeepers," then all grows quiet.

Devastated Watcher teleports you with Devastated Access.

Shemza tells you, "A warrior! A warrior comes! Brothers, feast your eyes on one who would give their lives willingly to the great lord!"

Shemza tells you, "You seek to bask in the glory of Grael, do you not? You seek to join us in the worship of he who is more powerful, more glorious, than all who have come before? My brothers and I, we were the first to join his side. We were there when he led us to victory over the old ones. We helped him slay the mages and lay waste to their cities. We were there when he led an army upon the heretics of the light."

Shemza tells you, "When defeat fell upon us, we knew that our ascendance was only delayed. One day, we knew that our god would rise from the depths and claim that which is his. And we knew that ones such as you would seek to free him from his chains."

Shemza tells you, "And now you are here. You seek to barter with us who have given our souls in exchange for life eternal. Those of us who have lengthened our lives for the sole purpose of delivering warriors unto him."

Shemza tells you, "Yes. You are here now. And now you will aid me. And then you will aid my brothers."

Shemza tells you, "I seek a boon. One small boon. The masters of the portal carry a token of golden hue. A token that I would claim as mine own. Find it and deliver it to me. Then the first part of your quest shall begin."

Shemza tells you, "I have altered your body. You may now use our portal near Ayan Baqur."
Handing in Yellow Jewel to Shemza

You give Shemza Yellow Jewel.

Shemza tells you, "Seek out the Radiant Crystal. Bring a shard to my brother Lurza. Then he will treat with you."

Shemza teleports you with Radiant Access.
Handing in Radiant Shard to Lurza

You give Lurza Radiant Shard.

Lurza tells you, "Long have we waited, trapped within these crystalline forms, waiting for those who would join him in his quest. And now you come. You come seeking our approval. But are you worthy?"

Lurza tells you, "There is something I seek. The key to one who once followed our cause. A traitor who makes his home among the winged demons of the dark. Bring the key to this fallen lord, and I will grant you passage."
Handing in Sezzherei's Lair to Lurza

You give Lurza Sezzherei's Lair.

Lurza tells you, "The demon Sezzherei once called himself our brother. But when he betrayed our lord to the ancient mages, he fell from Grael's favor. Our brother Tursh slew Sezzherei on the battlefield, or so we all believed. Now he claims the dark as his master, and seeks to appease its twisted whims."

Lurza tells you, "Sezzherei will once again know the taste of his own blood. When Grael rises and marches across this land, Sezzherei will kneel once again."

Lurza tells you, "Now find the Dazzling shard, and give it to my brother Dmesne."

Lurza teleports you with Dazzling Access.
Handing in Dazzling Shard to Dmesne

You give Dmesne Dazzling Shard.

Dmesne tells you, "There is a metal, a pure metal of great power. You use it to strengthen your arms, barbarians that you are. One bar is all I ask. One bar and you shall have my blessing."
Handing in Pyreal Bar to Dmesne

You give Dmesne Pyreal Bar.

Dmesne tells you, "Within this chamber lies the Brilliant Crystal. Take a shard to my brother Rhujun, and you will be escorted to the isle of water."

Dmesne teleports you with Brilliant Access.

Handing in Brilliant Shard to Rhujun

You give Rhujun Brilliant Shard.

Rhujun tells you, "There are those of wet skin and barbaric means. They carry the meanest of stones, a stone whose power is unknown even to them. I would have it, little one."

Rhujun tells you, "I would have it now."
Handing in Swamp Stone to Rhujun

You give Rhujun Swamp Stone.

Rhujun tells you, "The cousins of these young ones make their homes on the bones of the ancients. They know not the power that surrounds them. Such simple creatures they are."

Rhujun teleports you with Fire Island Access.
Flame Guardian

Flame Guardian tells you, "Welcome to my lonely isle, little one. You seek the mysteries of Vissidal, do you not? Many have come before you. Many will follow in your footsteps. The power which once lay dormant beneath the waves has surfaced. I fear the new rulers of this world will regret their meddling before all is done."

Flame Guardian tells you, "You seek a boon from me, do you not? You seek my permission to further your quest?"

Flame Guardian tells you, "You must prove yourself, little one. You must bathe in the cleansing waters of the deep. You must destroy the spirits of Water that lay claim to this isle."

You have killed 5 Water Golems! Your task is complete!

Flame Guardian tells you, "The waters of the deep cover your flesh. You have been cleansed. I sense the spirit of Grael about you. I deem you worthy, little one."

Flame Guardian teleports you with Abandoned Mines Portal Sending.
Water Guardian

Water Guardian tells you, "You have done much to reach this point. You have appeased the Gatekeepers. You have been bathed in the waters of the Deep. You have bested the warrior Bur Lizk. And now you seek my blessing."

Water Guardian tells you, "As you were bathed in the waters of the deep, now must you be cleansed by its fires. Slay the spirits of Flame. Bask in their glory."

You have killed 5 Fire Golems! Your task is complete!

Water Guardian tells you, "You have been cleansed by the spirits of Flame. The essence of Grael wraps about you like a lover's embrace. Soon, you will be his."

Water Guardian tells you, "Give this to the Watcher of the Deep, and then you shall know glory."

Water Guardian gives you Watery Token.

Water Guardian teleports you with Northeast Coast Portal Sending.
Handing in Watery Token to Watcher of the Deep

You give Watcher of the Deep Watery Token.

You feel a low rumble, and the statue looks down upon you. You hear a whisper in your mind, "The isle of the deep is yours," then all grows quiet.

You've earned 190,000,000 experience.

Update History[]

Under Cover of Night

  • Quest introduced.