Gear Knight Exemplar

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Cogs in the Machine

Iron Blade Lieutenant

  • On approach:
The Gear Knight turns to attack and announces, "Isparian allies of traitor Asheron detected. Commencing combat protocol. Die, betrayers, die!"
  • On death:
The Gear Knight shudders to a stop and begins to rattle. In a fading voice, it intones, "Power core critically damaged, fragmenting. Protocol fails. Uploading to backup."

Gears of Change

Gearall the Shield

  • Local area broadcast:
Gearall the Shield scans the horizon, looking for adversaries.
Gearall the Shield says, "I will not be lured away so easily."

Turgos the Hunter

  • Local area broadcast:
Turgos the Hunter scans the horizon, looking for adversaries.

Lay of the Land

Iron Blade Warmaster

  • On death:
<Player>'s blow drops the Iron Blade Warmaster to his knees, sputtering sparks and fluid. He then collapses into a heap.
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