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Gearknight Lesser Lords
Level: 30
Type: Solo
Starts With: Dame Alistra
Starts At: Inner Sea Gear Knight Resistance Camp at 33.4S, 6.3E
Route: Yaraq to Ijaniya portal at 22.4S, 0.2E
Repeat: 20 Hours


One of the many quests from the Inner Sea Gear Knight Invasion Area aimed at lower level characters. The Gear Knights have established a beach head on the eastern shore of the Inner Sea. Dame Alistra has you assault the Gear Knight leaders.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Travel to the nearby Gearknight Invasion Area at 36.7S, 7.3E.
  2. In the center are six Empyrean head statues, each containing a Gear Knight guardian. After the guardians are defeated a portal will spawn between the statues. You may recall to any of the portals during the quest (but not summon them).
  3. The portal will teleport you atop one of the six nearby towers, upon each you will defeat a Gear Knight lesser lord. A few seconds after each is defeated a portal will spawn that leads to the next tower.
    • Note: Be sure to step away from the tower's center if you do not wish to be instantly teleported when the portal spawns.
  4. The final two lords you will face are Gold Gear Lesser Lords.
  5. Return to Dame Alistra for your reward and title.


  • Core fragments can be given to Jin Ato as part of the Inner Sea Aetherium Collection quest.
  • Rarely, Gear Knights will drop Large Aetherium Power Core, that when turned in to Atamarr, gives experience points instead of Mana Forge Key and Ornate Gear Marker.

Dungeons & Maps

No quest dungeons.


Experience: 2,000,000 (20% up to level 60)
Titles: All for One


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Opening Dialog

Dame Alistra tells you, "I am Dame Alistra, one of Queen Elysa's Knights. It is my chare to disrupt the Gearknight's command structure."
Dame Alistra tells you, "Atop the six towers sit six Gearknight Lesser Lords. Destroy six Lesser Lords atop their towers and return to me once you have."
Dame Alistra tells you, "To reach the six Lesser Lords you must first make sure their gauntlet of six guardians is destroyed, only then will a portal open to the tower of the first lord."

Rewards Dialog

Dame Alistra tells you, "I see that you've destroyed six Lesser Lords. I shall reward you for your assistance to the Crown."
You've earned 2,000,000 experience.
You have been granted the title, "All for One".
Dame Alistra tells you, "It'll take their leaders time to regroup. Return tomorrow and I should have another task for you."

Update History

Gears of Change

  • Quest introduced.
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