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Introduced:  Come What Follows Related Quests:  Pet Shop Quest
Gharon al-Bhavarn
Non-Player Killer
Gharon al-Bhavarn Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Pet Armoredillo Vendor
Location 35.2N, 39.4E in the Pet Shop
Level 10
Strength 110
Endurance 20
Coordination 110
Quickness 20
Focus 110
Self 20
Health 30
Stamina 40
Mana 40


Lore & Dialog[]

Gharon al-Bhavarn tells you, "I am a trader in fine Armoredillo Eggs. These eggs are enchanted to allow you to call forth from inside a docile Armoredillo Pup, who will follow you in your travels." Gharon al-Bhavarn tells you, "Simply bring me a Baby Pet Token, and I will give you an Armoredillo Egg in return. If you seek a token, ask Larinne Kerendova, by the entrance to this humble shop."