Introduced:  Sudden Season Related Quests:  Sculpting a Snowman Updated:  The First Strike, Tricks and Treats
Giant Snowman
Non-Player Killer
Giant Snowman Live
Race Snowman
Location See below
Level 100
Strength 300
Endurance 300
Coordination 300
Quickness 300
Focus 300
Self 300
Health 500
Stamina 370
Mana 500


Spawn Map Base
Spawn Map Giant Snowman

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Pyreal Icon Pyreal


Books, Paper

Books, Paper


Giant Snowman tells you, "If you don't like my prices, too bad! And I don't recommend fighting me, either!"

Giant Snowman tells you, "Come to see my iceballs? Well, now, the prices here are the best you'll find. Oh, maybe you want to praise my coldness by creating a likeness of me from snow. I sell the instructions for almost nothing."

Giant Snowman tells you, "Hrrmph!"

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