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Gift Box Quest
Level: 1-19, 20-39, 40-59, 60-79, 80
Type: Solo
Starts With: Anasha
Starts At: 33.3N, 56.5E in Arwic
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Anasha will give you a Iolite Gem.
  2. Give the Iolite Gem to Aun Paritea at 26.6N, 28.6W.
  3. Enter the Spirit Cell dungeon, and loot a Chrysoberyl compound from An Ancient Chest.
  4. Exit and give the Chrysoberyl compound to Aun Paritea.
  5. Go to 46.8N 30.5E, northwest of Holtburg, and enter the Access to Crystal Mines portal.
  6. Jump down and enter the portal appropriate to your level.
  7. Loot a Daichroic Crystal from one of the two Mine Storage Chests at the end of this dungeon.
  8. Give the Daichroic Crystal to Anasha for the rewards. You should have several pack spaces empty to receive all of the rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Spirit Cell 26.5N, 28.5W -- 564A
Crystal Mine New Isparians 46.8N, 30.5E -- 564F
Crystal Mine Low 46.8N, 30.5E -- 564E
Crystal Mine Mid 46.8N, 30.5E -- 564D
Crystal Mine High 46.8N, 30.5E -- 564C
Crystal Mine Extreme 46.8N, 30.5E -- 564B



One random hat:

4 random gems: Armor Protection Gem Icon Armor Protection GemBlade Protection Gem Icon Blade Protection GemBludgeon Protection Gem Icon Bludgeon Protection GemPiercing Protection Gem Icon Piercing Protection GemAcid Protection Gem Icon Acid Protection GemCold Protection Gem Icon Cold Protection GemFire Protection Gem Icon Fire Protection GemLightning Protection Gem Icon Lightning Protection GemAbandoned Mines Portal Gem Icon Abandoned Mines Portal GemGem of Dispersal Icon Gem of Dispersal


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Opening Dialog

Anasha tells you, "Greetings. I am a student of Nuhmudira. Nuhmudira is delving into the lore of Lifestones. She has sent me to enlist the services of Isparians in obtaining some rare compounds and crystals. Several types are important to this research- Iolite gems, Chrysoberyl compound and Daichroic crystals.

Anasha tells you, "If I could impose on you to deliver this Iolite gem to my colleague Aun Paritea he can tell you where to obtain the Chrysoberyl compount and the Daichroic crystals. To find Aun Paritea, go through the Tia-Leh Homestead portal which is in the Hebian-to settlement portals array. Aun Paritea is just south of the Tia-Leh Homestead. When you obtain them, please bring the Daichroic crystals to me and I shall reward you. I wish you safe tidings.

Anasha gives you Iolite Gem
Aun Paritea

Aun Paritea tells you, "Hello. Have you spoken to any of my colleagues in some of the towns?"
Handing in Iolite Gem

You give Aun Paritea Iolite Gem

Aun Paritea tells you, "Thank you! I have been waiting for more of these gems. I will see this gets to Nuhmudira. You may be aware that Iolite is said to increase spiritual insight and help in seeing both sides of an issue more clearly.

Aun Paritea tells you, "My fellow student who you obtained this from may also have told you that Chrysoberyl compound is needed. The portal over there will take you to what we call the Spirit Cell. Within you should find some
Chrysoberyl compound. Please bring some to me.
Handing in Chrysoberyl Compound

You give Aun Paritea Chrysoberyl compound

Aun Paritea tells you, "I am happy you have succeeded. Now, I am sure you have been informed as to how important Daichroic crystals are to Nuhmudira's research. There are several ancient mines in which Daichroic crystals are yet stored. There is a portal on a hill northwest of the town of Holtburg. From that portal you may begin this final pursuit. You will discover direct portals to the mine at its destination- you should enter the mine portal appropriate to your abilities.
Bring the crystal to my fellow student back in Arwic.

Tornash tells you, "Greetings. I assume my fellow student sent you to obtain Daichroic crystals. If you are pure of heart and strong of bone you should be successful in navigating the perils beyond this portal.
Handing in Daichroic Crystal

You give Anasha Daichroic Crystal

Anasha tells you, "Thank you for your assistance in obtaining this Daichroic Crystal for Nuhmudira. Here is your reward. Nuhmudira may require more of these materials in about four days if you wish to undertake this task again.

Anasha gives you Holiday Lights

Anasha gives you Armor Protection Gem

Anasha gives you Blade Protection Gem

Anasha gives you Bludgeon Protection Gem

Anasha gives you Piercing Protection Gem

Anasha gives you Stocking Cap

Update History

The Hall of the Tusker King

  • Quest introduced.

The Slumbering Giant

A Perfect Paradox

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 3 days to 20 hours.


When this quest was first introduced in the xmas season, a giant Gift Box could be found in various town. When you used the gift box it told you to speak with one of Nuhmudira's students that could be found in town to begin the quest. On completion of the quest, you could obtain your rewards from the gift box.

  • Glenden Wood - 29.8N, 27.1E
  • Hebian-To - 39.0S, 83.4E
  • Lytelthorpe - 0.7N, 51.5E
  • Nanto - 52.7S, 82.5E
  • Qalaba'r - 74.5S, 19.4E
  • Rithwic - 10.8N, 58.2E
  • Shoushi - 33.4S, 72.8E
  • Yaraq - 21.3S, 1.6W
  • Zaikhal - 13.7N, 0.5E
AC1 Dec02 01 thumb

A gift box

Student tells you, "Thank you for your assistance in obtaining this Daichroic Crystal for Nuhmudira. I now grant you access to the gift container. Nuhmudira may require more of these materials in about four days if you wish to undertake this task again."
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