Introduced:  Into the Darkness
Non-Player Killer
Gilly Live.jpg
Race Female Aluvian
Title Apprentice Mage
Location 87.2S, 67.5W up in one of the watchtowers in Candeth Keep
Level 68
Strength 87
Endurance 110
Coordination 98
Quickness 76
Focus 50
Self 60
Health 145
Stamina 200
Mana 105



Pyreal Icon.png Pyreal


Books, Paper


Spell Components

Mana Stones

Magic Items

Alchemical Items

Trade Notes



Gilly tells you, "Greetings, Lady Dain has asked me to tend to her magic supplies. May I help you?"

Buying From

Gilly tells you, "Yes, you can buy that."

Gilly tells you, "That is one of my favorites. It fizzles when you smack it against the wall."

Gilly tells you, "Is it lunch time yet?"

Selling To

Gilly tells you, "This is a very pretty magic thing. I wonder what it does?"

Gilly tells you, "Ok, that looks magic."

Gilly tells you, "I'll put this over next to the other magic doodads."


Gilly tells you, "Ok then, thanks for stopping by. I'll see you later."

Gilly tells you, "It was nice talking with you. Bye now."

Gilly tells you, "Thank you for visiting Lady Dain's Magics and Supplies. I hope you enjoyed your shopping experience with us. Please come again soon. And remember..."

Gilly stares skyward for a moment, biting her lip.

Gilly tells you, "Oh right! And remember, at Lady Dain's we know how to spell value."

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