Introduced:  Lonely in the World Related Quests:  Hieromancer's Armor
Globe of Auberean
Globe of Auberean Icon
  • Value: 10
  • Burden: 10
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A magical orb, painted to show the continents and islands of Auberean. The island of Dereth can barely be seen, a tiny speck in the northern oceans.
Globe of Auberean Live

Globe of Auberean


  • Crafted by Eaushi the Trainer from a Blue Orb.
  • When wielded the two moons orbit around the planet.
  • Can be placed on a house hook.

You give Eaushi the Trainer Blue Orb.
Eaushi the Trainer tells you, "Ah. This bauble was created by the Imperial Talespinner Mistral Tersicor. For many years he wandered the world, recording the stories of all its' people."
Eaushi the Trainer tells you, "He disappeared from the palace at Tentael one cold night, just after Caerlin II had taken the throne. He left a note, saying that the songs of other worlds needed to be written, and that he would return in 2300 years."
Eaushi prods the orb gently. It blossoms, the blue surfaces spiraling open to reveal patches of green, brown, and white.
Eaushi the Trainer gives you Globe of Auberean.
The ceaseless mountain winds whistle around Eaushi's facets.

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