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Glowing Jungle Lily Collector
Level: 180
Society Rank: Knight
Type: Solo
Starts With: Kojina (CH)
Satsuki (EW)
Atsuko (RB)
Starts At: Faction Stronghold (east wing)
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Jungle Lilies

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Speak to the listed NPC in your Faction Stronghold in the east wing.
  2. On Freebooter Isle there are random spawns of Glowing Jungle Lilies. Use a lily to spawn several creatures (usually 2-3 Blessed Moarsmen, 1-3 Blessed Moars, and an Ashris Niffis. Each of these has a chance of dropping a Glowing Jungle Lily.
  3. Collect 20 lilies.
  4. Return to the NPC in your Faction Stronghold for your rewards.


  • It is safest to use the lily then run to a clear spot at some distance and draw them to you (dispel Acid vulns and save the Niffis for last).
  • This is an easy way to find Blessed Moars, which drop a gland for the quest Glowing Moar Gland Collector. Because you cannot use lilies to spawn creatures after you complete this quest, you may want to wait until you have finished both tasks. The Blessed Moarsmen also count towards the quest Blessed Moarsman Kill Task.

Dungeons & Maps

No related dungeons.


Complete task for the Celestial Hand
Experience: 40,000,000 (Fixed)
Complete task for the Eldrytch Web
Experience: 40,000,000 (Fixed)
Complete task for the Radiant Blood
Experience: 40,000,000 (Fixed)


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Dialog for the other societies is identical.

Opening Dialog

Kojina tells you, "Greetings. I see that you have gained access to the isle north of the Veseyans. I wonder if you could help our Society with our studies."
Kojina tells you, "There is a rare and coveted Glowing Jungle Lily that only grows on that isle. Some trick of the nature of the isle makes them glow with energy. I need at least 20 of these for my research for our Society."
Kojina tells you, "Be warned, the lilies are very fragile, and you may have difficulty picking them, even if you use great care. They draw creatures of the isle to them, however, so you may be able to get the flowers from the creatures that appear near the lily."
Kojina tells you, "If you get me at least 20 Glowing Jungle Lilies, I can grant you Commendation Ribbons and some tokens for the Quartermaster. If you get more than 20, I'll take them all, since they are very fragile and do not store well."

Speaking to NPC after Completing Task

Kojina tells you, "Ahh, the flowers, here, let me take those from you..."
You hand over all of your Glowing Jungle Lilies.
Kojina tells you, "Thank you. Here, accept these in reward for your assistance."
Kojina gives you 20 Celestial Hand Commendation Ribbons.
Kojina gives you 4 Celestial Hand Trade Tokens.
Kojina tells you, "This batch should last me about a week, return to me then, and I can send you out to get me another batch, for the same reward, of course."

Update History

Ancient Powers

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 2 days 20 hours to 20 hours.
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