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Introduced:  A Small Victory Related Quests:  Captain K'rank's Errands Updated:  Learning From Experience
Gold Golem Heart
Gold Golem Heart Icon
  • Value: 100
  • Burden: 100


You give Stone Collector Gold Golem Heart.

Stone Collector tells you, "Impressive."

You've earned 7,200 experience.

Stone Collector gives you 6,000 Pyreals.

  • Turn it into a Trophy Smith for 7,200 experience and 6,000 pyreals:

You give Trophy Smith Gold Golem Heart.

Trophy Smith tells you, "A heart of gold."

You've earned 7,200 experience.

Trophy Smith gives you 6,000 Pyreals.

Trophy Smith tells you, "This makes me think of a poem."

  • Does not stack.

Recipes Used In[]

Dropped By[]

Update History[]

A Small Victory

  • Introduced.


  • Stone Collector and Trophy Smith rewards introduced.

Learning From Experience

  • Experience reward increased from 4,800 to 7,200.