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Golem Sanctum
Quests Crafting Golems
Restrictions Level: 25
Tieable: Yes
Recallable: Yes
Summonable: No
Coordinates Random Landscape Spawn
Nearest LS  ??
Route Portals can be found in Northern and Southern Osteth (see below for sightings)

The only stable portal is located in the The Floating City (Tunnels)
Map Files: ACMaps Map
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This dungeon, along with The Floating City was one of the randomly appearing dungeons that were added to the game. The portal to this dungeon can appear in place of any regular monster spawn in certain areas of Dereth. The portal is a yellow color which differentiates it from most randomly spawning town portals which are green or purple. Normally it is seen in the Northern and Southern regions of Osteth.

Confirmed Sightings:

It also contains a portal to The Floating City's Tunnels.

The Imprinting Mote for the Golem Construction quest is also found in this dungeon.


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