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Introduced:  Groundswell Related Quests:  Composite Weapons Quest
Gotrok Titan
Gotrok Titan Live
Class Gotrok Lugian
Level 135
XP 250,000
Luminance 0
Loot Tier 6
Attacks Bludgeon, Slash, Pierce
Weaknesses Lightning, Slash
Strength 370
Endurance 330
Coordination 280
Quickness 280
Focus 180
Self 220
Health 565
Stamina 580
Mana 220
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense
Missile Attack
Missile Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense



Spawn Map Base
Gotrok Titan Spawns

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Gotrok Titan resists your spell
Gotrok Titan tells you, "Your power is not in the endeavour of magic. Does it lie in a test of arms?"

Gotrok Titan says, "You have come to a crossroads where your life shall come to an end!"