In the fifth year of the reign of Braletain of Haebrous, a tribe of Ruschk in the frigid northern edge of the Kingdom of Haebrous was slain to make way for a mercantile company's gemstone excavations. The only survivor of this tribe, Grael, was brought back to the Royal Menagerie. Carraida, the young Queen of Haebrous, begged her husband to send Grael to gladiatorial pits for her amusement. Grael went on to be undefeated, killing all that challenged him and eating their hearts.

Two seasons later, the Grael Rebellion occured. Grael and some of his fellow slaves overpowered the arena guards and took over the entire building. Ten thousand Haebreans and no small number of visiting Yalaini and Dericostians died. Queen Carraida, who was present at the arena, was killed by Grael in an act of vengeance. The rebellion spilled out into the streets. On the third day of the rebellion the royal army cornered the slaves in the West Market. The King ordered royal mages to incinerate the entire market square with a rain of magical fire that lasted almost a full day. Grael, however, escaped.[1]


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