Grand Knight
Non-Player Killer
Grand Knight Live
Race Male Viamontian
Title Protector of Sanamar
Location 70.0N 62.4W in Royal Hall
Level 275
Strength 245
Endurance 234
Coordination 280
Quickness 270
Focus 200
Self 190
Health 442
Stamina 534
Mana 500


  • Route: Just South of Sanamar inside King Varicci's palace.

Lore & Dialog


Grand Knight tells you, "You're new to Sanamar, are you not? If you desire to prove your loyalty to the King, I have a task you may find interesting."
Grand Knight tells you, "The King has been informed of an ancient tome which lies in a ruined underground city. He dispatched a company of knights to the ruins, but they were repelled by the beasts within. The craven dogs spread tales of ghosts and undead before I had them executed for cowardice."
Grand Knight tells you, "I need someone to enter the ruins and retrieve this tome. If you do this for me, I may have more tasks for you in the future. Of course, if you fail or otherwise betray me, then I'll have nothing to do with you ever again."
Grand Knight tells you, "You can find the ruins near the outpost of Westwatch at 74.2N 74.2W. I expect to hear from you soon."
Grand Knight tells you, "But know this - the Grand Mother of Silyun also seeks this tome. Complete this task for me and she will have nothing more to do with you. Though, why you would want to socialize with those damnable rebels is beyond me."

Silyun flagged:

Grand Knight tells you, "The King may be willing to deal with you rebels, but until I hear from His Majesty directly, I'll have nothing to do with your kind."

Sanamar flagged, quest line completed:

Grand Knight tells you, "You have proven yourself to me. Should you seek to further serve your King, speak with Garmasi. He will know of your loyalty."

Sanamar flagged, quest line completed, vissidal flagged:

Grand Knight tells you, "I see you have gained access to the isle they call Vissidal. The King has need of capable warriors on that island. Bide your time. Hunt and kill. When more is required of you, you will know."

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