Introduced:  Release
Grapes Icon
  • Value: 7
  • Burden: 50
  • Use this item to eat it.
  • Restores 4 Stamina when consumed.


Sold By

NPC Cost Town/Area Coordinates
Brother Samir ibn Lomaq the Monk 10 Greenspire 42.9N, 67.0W
Corin of Stonehold 13 Stonehold 68.7N, 21.6W
Farmer (15.2N, 47.6E) (Farmer) 11 15.2N, 47.6E - Farm 15.2N, 47.6E
Farmer (38.1S, 68.1E) (Farmer) 11 Shoushi 38.1S, 68.1E
Farmer (84.4S, 33.6E) (Farmer) 11 84.4S, 33.6E - Farmer's House and Lifestone 84.4S, 33.6E
Farmer (Arwic) (Farmer) 11 32.6N, 55.0E - Farmer's House 32.6N, 55.0E
Farmer (Beachside) (Farmer) 11 68.8N, 51.6W - Beachside Farmstead 68.8N, 51.6W
Farmer (Dryreach North) (Farmer) 11 3.9N, 70.5E - Village 3.9N, 70.5E
Farmer (Dryreach) (Farmer) 11 Dryreach 1.4S, 71.9E
Farmer (Eastham) (Farmer) 11 21.7N, 61.6E - Farmer's Hut 21.7N, 61.6E
Farmer (Glenden Wood) (Farmer) 11 31.8N, 26.4E - Farmer's House 31.8N, 26.4E
Farmer (Heartland) (Farmer) 11 Heartland 22.6N, 37.2E
Farmer (Lin) (Farmer) 11 Lin 55.6S, 74.1E
Farmer (Qalaba'r) (Farmer) 11 74.2S, 21.9E - Qalaba'r Festival Grounds 74.2S, 21.9E
Farmer (Rithwic) (Farmer) 11 10.4N, 53.5E - Rithwic Festival Grounds 10.4N, 53.5E
Farmer (Stonehold) 11 Stonehold 68.6N, 21.7W
Farmer (Yanshi Festival Grounds) (Farmer) 11 Yanshi Festival Grounds
Farmer (Yanshi) (Farmer) 11 11.8S, 47.5E - Farmer's House 11.8S, 47.5E
Farmer Khurah al-Rujarkir 10 Xarabydun 41.9S, 16.2E
Farmer Pogget 11 Farmer Pogget's Farm
Fispur Ansel the Grocer 10 Holtburg 42.2N, 33.6E
Grocer (Oolutanga) (Grocer) 11 Oolutanga's Refuge 2.4N, 95.2E
Grocer Jaffres Dini 10 Sanamar 71.8N, 61.0W
Grocer Nihara bint Umar 14 Ayan Baqur 59.7S, 88.0W
Grocer Riku Ryu 11 Mayoi 61.8S, 81.8E
Grocer Sina bint Idnun 11 Khayyaban 47.8S, 24.6E
Hau Ji Tan the Grocer 10 Shoushi 33.3S, 73.1E
Hunderth the Provisioner 11 Glenden Wood 29.6N, 27.5E
Kamira Mohonoko the Provisioner 11 Kryst 74.3S, 84.3E
Kento Do the Grocer 11 Hebian-To 39.4S, 83.6E
Koro of Kara, Farmer 12 Kara 83.3S, 47.2E
Mi Chi the Barkeep 11 Tou-Tou 28.0S, 95.5E
Nakoro Eshii-Shinjo the Provisioner 14 Wai Jhou 61.8S, 51.3W
Ostentatious Farmer 10 Shoushi 37.4S, 75.5E
Peddler (22.5N, 43.9E) (Peddler) 11 22.5N, 44.0E - Peddler Tent 22.5N, 44.0E
Peddler (31.3S, 3.6E) (Peddler) 11 31.3S, 3.6E - Peddler and Lifestone 31.3S, 3.6E
Peddler (Fort Tethana) (Peddler) 11 Teth Golem Mountain 9.4S, 71.9W
Peddler (Mattekar Slopes) (Peddler) 11 67.3S, 28.3E - Empyrean Ruins 67.3S, 28.3E
Peddler (North Desert Edge) (Peddler) 11 4.8S, 2.9W - Peddler Tent 4.8S, 2.9W
Peddler (Uziz) (Peddler) 11 Uziz 31.0S, 24.7E
Thimrin Woodsetter 10 Candeth Keep 87.5S, 67.2W
Tyokai Renjiro the Grocer 13 Candeth Keep 87.8S, 67.3W
Yusnar ibn Lomaq the Grocer 11 Bluespire 39.5N, 75.5W
Zalphoos the Shopkeeper 11 Mount Alphus 19.3N, 17.6E
Ziya bint Balun the Grocer 11 Uziz 25.7S, 28.3E
Zubid ibn Ifi the Grocer 11 Zaikhal 13.9N, 0.6E
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