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Graphics Engine Updates

Event Updates
Darkness Ascendant Colored lighting effects introduced. Many lights, including the sun and moon, will now cast colored light in both hardware and software modes.
Throne of Destiny Expansion
  • Updated from DirectX 7 to DirectX 9 and from 16-bit to 32-bit texture buffers.
  • A complete texture update (6,500 textures).
  • Some low-poly models (such as Gromnies and Monougas) updated.
  • True Z-Buffering support.
  • Native window mode (no more need to patch the client.)
  • Anisotropic Filtering and V-Sync support.
  • Basic lighting effects on your character.
  • New pop-up windows for help system and trade skill interactions.
  • 3D models of people and creatures are now shown in the ID panel instead of an icon.
  • Software mode will no longer be supported.
  • Weather Effects including landscape fog left out of new code base due to performance issues.
Reprisals Higher Resolution Textures activated for ToD clients. (From the Texture detail dropdown box, select Very High setting)
Toward Ancient Shores Lightning effects disabled due to complaints (you can still see the effect without the sound, however, at the Battlefield of Ayn Tayan).
Shifting Gears Landscape distance fog reintroduced.
The Risen Princess Weather effects reintroduced.

Model & Texture Updates

Click each event link to see some before & after images

Event Models/Textures Updated
Darkness Ascendant Drudges, Golems
Hollow Victory Tuskers
Chains of Command Character Underwear
The Widening Gyre Olthoi
A Reign of Stone Lugians
The Gathering Storm Mosswarts, Cows
Flesh and Blood Empyrean Stone Head
Festivus Banderlings, Human hands updated with thumbs
Mirror, Mirror Armored Skeletons, Armored Undead
The Madness of Men Gelidite Acolyte, Gelidite Initiate, Gelidite Lord
Across the Vast Divide Small Creepy Statues
A New Threat Fern Plants, Mites
Pillars Made of Sand Mosswart Idols
From the Darkness Born Phyntos Wasps
Throne of Destiny Expansion Lifestone, Gromnies, Monougas, Reedsharks, Skeletons
Friend and Foe Tumeroks
Shifting Gears Landscape: Grass, Ice, Desert etc
Winter's Knight Pine Trees
Quiet Before the Storm Aluvian Doors
Shifting Shadows Hairstyles

Animation Updates

Event New Animation
Thorns of the Hopeslayer Casting portal recall spells now make you play some purple bubbly physics scripts for about two seconds before blipping you away.
Twilight's Gleaming New logout motion and animation. Now, when a player logs out, they get purple bubbly effects and fade out.
The Widening Gyre When you pick up something from a different height the animation is different -- arm swipe only, no bending.
The First Strike New animation for the house recall function that more closely mirrors the duration of the recall.
Atonement The animations and sounds from double- and triple-striking just weren't cool enough, so we tweaked them slightly. Thrill at the enhanced swinging action!
Visions in the Darkness New animations for @lifestone, @marketplace, and @pklite commands.
A New Threat New backflip animation for Mites.
Quiet Before the Storm The Logout/Lifestone animation has been changed to have a smoother looking animation.

Misc Changes


  • Shadow creatures now transparent.



Should the Stars Fall

  • The animation speed for equipping and un-equipping bows and crossbows has been increased.

The Gathering Storm

  • Nighttime visibility has been increased.

Dead of Winter

  • Snow texture brightness reduced.