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The Graveyard of Despair


The Graveyard is an area in the Southeastern Direlands designed for high-level small group hunting. The graveyard has been updated with new content during many events.

Unique Design[]

The Graveyard was the first place to see a lot of new tech being developed.

  • The spawns in the graveyard change depending on the time displayed on the map panel. The spawns switch to the easier "day" creatures at Dawnsong and to the harder "night" creatures at Evensong. (See Time for more details.)
  • Also unique to the Graveyard is its ominous, swirling black sky that is present during the daytime and disappears as you leave the area. See here for a animated screenshot of the Graveyard's sky.
  • The Graveyard was the first place to use the Alternative Currency tech, where NPCs will accept some other item instead of Pyreals for payment. In the case of the Graveyard, this currency is the Ancient Mhoire Coin.
  • There are a few collection quests which use the NPC item detection tech, where an NPC will search your bags for an item or items and take it directly out, so you do not have to give the items to the NPC yourself - a very helpful feature in the deadly environment of the Graveyard.


It would seem that in the distant past Rytheran under the direction of, Geraine, His Eternal Splendor, destroyed the House Mhoire using the Book of Eibhil. It is unclear why, but in Rytheran's Letter he refers to the House Mhoire as the traitor house. It is presumed that the House of Mhoire left because they objected to becoming undead like Geraine and many of the other Dericost nobles. For millennia the House Mhoire was buried beneath the ground, but recently, as written in his letter, Rytheran left the Mage Academy in search of a mysterious magical book, the Book of Eibhil. He found the book and began to read from it to restore his memories and power. By reading from this book, dark magic rose the Graveyard to the surface once more.

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Areas of the Graveyard[]

Related Quests[]

Quest Restriction Rewards
Amelia's Lost Toys 150+ (?) 30 Million xp, Amelia's Pet Gargoyle, Title, and 1 Ancient Mhoire Coin
DeathTail Quest None 100 Million xp, Title, and 1-5 Ancient Mhoire Coins
Disturbance in the Ley Lines 150+ 300 Million and Visage of Menilesh
Grave Rat Kill Task 100+ 50 Million xp and Lo Shoen's Rat Bait
Jester's Cards None Deck of Eyes and Deck of Hands
Jester's Lost Marbles 160+ 130 Million, 2 Titles, Jester's Card, Spectral Weapons, and maybe an Ancient Mhoire Coin
Lady Mhoire Quest None 3-5 Coins, Title, and a Mana Forge Key
K'nath Core Quest 160+ 710 Million xp, Title, Jester's Card, and Braced Mana Forge Key
Lord Mhoire Quest None 3-5 Ancient Mhoire Coins, Title, and Mana Forge Key
Lord Rytheran's Journal None First Time: 248 Million xp, Repeat Runs: 123 Millions xp
Ranger Lord Mhoire None 3-5 Ancient Mhoire Coins, Title, and a Mana Forge Key
The Jester 160+ Xp, 3 Titles, Dark Scarab, Arcane Pyramid (Spell), and a Jester's Card
Castle of Lord Mhoire Quest Unknown Xp, 4 Titles, Mhoire Castle Treasury Keys, Ancient Mhoire Coins

Graveyard Society Tasks[]

Quest Rank Required
Investigate the Factions Before Joining a Society
Shambling Archivist Destroyer Initiate
Undead Jaw Collection Initiate
Wight Blade Sorcerer Kill Task Initiate
Graveyard Delivery Adept
Tracing The Stone Adept


NPC Name Location Type Details
Amelia 64.8S 43.8W (only at night) Quest NPC Talk to her to start the quest
Apep-tek the Tolerant 65.3S, 44.0W (near the recall bunker) Collector Gives 15 Million xp for 10 Pyre Shrouds (must be level 100+)
Candrus Steady-Hand 65.8S, 45.3W (outside the Graveyard in the valley to the west) Quest NPC Investigate the Factions
Jawaq ibn Janath 64.2S, 44.0W (outside the Graveyard in the valley to the southeast) Quest NPC Investigate the Factions
Kousu Temo 65.3S, 42.3W (just outside the northern edge Graveyard) Quest NPC Investigate the Factions
Lo Shoen 65.3S, 43.4W (Just outside the Graveyard to the southeast on the Arcanum Lookout) Quest NPC Grave Rat Kill Task and DeathTail Quest
Hurnmel the Smith 65.4S 44.0W (spawns only at night at the bottom of the recall bunker) Shopkeeper Sells a variety of items in exchange for Ancient Mhoire Coins
Jester (NPC) 64.6S 43.8W (use the northern Summoning Stone to summon him) Quest NPC K'nath Core Quest
Jester (NPC) 65.8S 43.8W (use the southern Summoning Stone to summon him) Quest NPC Jester's Lost Marbles
Shade of Parieth 65.6S 43.9W (Spawns only at night at the south end of the Graveyard) Collector 6 Million xp per 10 Exhumed Bones
Sharia Blackmist 65.3S 43.3W (Just outside the Graveyard to the southeast on the Arcanum Lookout) Quest NPC Ghost Hunter Quest
Skettek the Wanderer 65.3S, 43.4W (Just outside the Graveyard to the southeast on the Arcanum Lookout) Shopkeeper Vendor with regular supplies (spell comps, fletching supplies, alchemy supplies, etc.)


Ancient Journal Page Icon Ancient Journal PageAncient Mhoire Coin Icon Ancient Mhoire CoinExhumed Bones Icon Exhumed BonesJester's Token Icon Jester's TokenOrnate Bone Key Icon Ornate Bone KeyShattered Legendary Key Icon Shattered Legendary KeyPyre Shroud Icon Pyre ShroudPyre Skeleton Jaw Icon Pyre Skeleton JawJester's Cards Icon Jester's Cards

Landscape Items

Ancient Chest (Graveyard) Icon Ancient Chest (Graveyard)Burnt and Twisted Stump Icon Burnt and Twisted StumpGuardian Statue Icon Guardian StatueLady Tairla Mhoire's Key Icon Lady Tairla Mhoire's KeyLord Grymar Mhoire's Key Icon Lord Grymar Mhoire's KeyLo Shoen's Pack Icon Lo Shoen's PackRat Burrow Icon Rat BurrowRytheran's Master Seal Icon Rytheran's Master SealSealed Vault Icon Sealed VaultSummoning Stone Icon Summoning Stone

Points of Interest[]



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Gardens of Menilesh 64.7S, 43.8W 00E7 00E7.gif -- Disturbance in the Ley Lines, Jester Focuses
Jester's Prison 64.9S, 44.1W 00D7 00D7.gif -- The Jester
Massilor's Crypt 65.4S, 43.6W 472D 472D.gif -- Graveyard Delivery
Mhoire Armory 64.8S, 44.3W 00EA 00EA.gif -- Jester's Lost Marbles, Spectral Weapons
Mhoire Castle Courtyard 64.6S, 44.1W 462D 462D.png -- Mhoire Castle Quests


Fire Elemental Icon Fire Elemental

Frost Elemental Icon Frost Elemental

Ghost Icon Ghost

Golem Icon Golem

Rat Icon Rat

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Undead Icon Undead

Wisp Icon Wisp


Player Guides[]


Luminance Added to Nighttime Spawn during Lessons from the Past event.