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Greenspire Sign

"In 12 PY, the Virindi-altered human Candeth Martine opened the way to Marae Lassel. Soon humans from the mainland came to the island and began to settle. One of these settlements is Greenspire, a town built around the remnants of a great Empyrean lighthouse. In Thistledown of 16 PY, as part of Varrici II's war against the "Bloodless, " the three human settlements on Marae were captured under cover of night. Though a fragile truce now exists between Strathelar and Varrici, the three spire towns remain under New Viamont's control." --Town Network Sign

  • Greenspire is the Easternmost of the 3 larger Southern towns at 42.9N, 66.9W on Marae Lassel.
  • Together with Redspire and Bluespire, it was invaded by Viamontians during the Under Cover of Night event.
  • This town features shops on a very tall tower which can be accessed via a helical rampway.

Map Dereth Point


To Greenspire[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Town Network Annex (South) Greenspire 43.2N, 66.8W None

From Greenspire[]

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Greenspire 43.1N, 66.7W Town Network -- None

Points of Interest[]


  • 42.9N 66.9W - On the very top of the Greenspire Tower.


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Back Tunnels 43.9N 73.9W -- 0055 Of Trust and Betrayal
Crumbling Empyrean Mansion 46.8N 67.8W -- 6679
The Dark Lair 43.8N 68.4W -- 0283
Palenqual's Cavern 48.9N, 72.5W -- 028E Palenqual's Living Weapons


NPC Name Location Type Details
Brother Samir ibn Lomaq the Monk 42.9N 67.0W (In floating tower) Shopkeeper Books/Paper, Food, Cooking Items, Container (Green), Potions, Healing Kits
Greygor Stillwise the Armorer 43.0N 66.9W (In floating tower) Shopkeeper Weapons, Armor, Fletching Items
Kasin ibn Sayrak the Barkeep 43.2N 66.6W Shopkeeper Food, Drinks, Rumors
Misha the Jeweler 42.9N 66.8W (In floating tower) Shopkeeper Gems, Jewelry, Lockpicks
Yen Loc Anh the Mage 42.9N 66.9W (Top room in tower) Shopkeeper Mana Stones, Spell Components, Alchemical Items
Balarazo 42.9N, 66.7W Quest Canescent Mattekar Robe Quest
Eliza du Curena 43.0N, 66.7W Quest Canescent Mattekar Robe Quest
Enrico di Bellenesse 43.2N, 67.1W Quest Enrico's Betrayal
Mazur ibn Stounis 43.0N, 66.7W Quest Canescent Mattekar Robe Quest
Rico Cellini 43.2N, 67.1W Quest Littoral Siraluun Kill Task
Tamara du Cinghalle 43.2N, 67.1W Quest Eye of T'thuun
Shalon ibn Mayar the Collector 43.2N 66.6W (On 2nd floor) Crafter Carenzi Burrower Pelt, Littoral Siraluun Claw, Drudge Charm, and Sand Golem Heart
Caprice du Bellanesse 43.1N 66.7W Miscellaneous --
Romeo Osemmi 43.2N 67.1W Miscellaneous --
Tito Brickicci 43.3N 66.7W Miscellaneous --
Valentina du Lurio 43.1N 66.7W Miscellaneous --


Creatures that are commonly found in the area surrounding Greenspire.

Carenzi Icon Carenzi

Doll Icon Doll

Human Icon Human

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Siraluun Icon Siraluun

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Ursuin Icon Ursuin

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