Introduced:  On Bended Knee Related Quests:  Clutch of Kings
Guard Devon
Non-Player Killer
Guard Devon Live
Race Male Aluvian
Title Guard
Location 25.7N, 48.9E in Cragstone
Level 126
Strength 160
Endurance 180
Coordination 60
Quickness 60
Focus 200
Self 220
Health 215
Stamina 290
Mana 275


Lore & Dialog

Guard Devon tells you, "You have not defeated all the Burun Kings recently. The rewards that I grant are meant for those that have fought through all six of the Burun Kings. When you have done so return to me. If you choose, combine the scraps of flesh that you collect from the Kings and combine them one after the other. When all six are together hand it to me for a fair reward."

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