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Introduced:  Chains of Command Updated:  Lost in the New Horizon (retired)
Guidebook Brochure
Guidebook Brochure Icon.png
  • Value: 10
  • Burden: 10
  • 1 of 1 pages full.

Coming soon to an Explorer agent near you: An extensively-researched guidebook all about the wonders of this strange island, Dereth! Hang on to this brochure, folks, and turn it in when our intrepid explorer in the field has published his impressions, recommendations, and words for the wise! In the meantime, just remember: Don't panic. As far as I can tell, Dereth is mostly harmless.

This brochure good for one (1) copy of "A Portal-Jumper's Guide to Dereth," by field agent F.P., soon to be published by the Explorer's Society. Publication date not yet known.

Do YOU know where your towel is?

-- F.P.


Dialog needed.

Your give [Society Agent] Guidebook Brochure.

[Society Agent] tells you, "Looks like you've lucked out! Our man F.P. has finished his book, finally! Here you go..."

[Society Agent] gives you A Portal-Jumper's Guide to Dereth.