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Gurog Creation
Level: 200
Type: Solo
Starts With: Fayza (optional)
Starts At: Xarabydun at 41.9S, 15.9E
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Gurog Creation


Investigate the origins of the Gurog race in the Frozen Valley.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Travel to the Frozen Valley, and enter the Gurog Ice Cave at 84.9N, 7.1W.
  2. One of the three gurogs in the first room drops the Entryway Key used on the second door (700 difficulty).
  3. Within the dungeon, each person will need to obtain the Torn Note and the Journal of a Soldier.
  4. Proceed straight ahead and go up the wooden ramp, then take the first left. The Journal of a Soldier is on the table surrounded by a few Gurog.
  5. Return to the main hallway, then proceed straight across to find the Cellar Key. It spawns on a corpse with a few Gurog around it.
  6. Return to the main hallway, go back down the wooden ramp, then take either the left or right down to a cellar door (700 difficulty).
  7. The Torn Note is on the corpse of a Gurog in the room with 3 caged mattekars down below, one drop per kill on a 10-minute respawn.
  8. After getting the note, give either the Torn Note or the Journal of a Soldier to the Mortified Soldier who is hiding behind the boxes in the same room. He will give you a legendary key and not take either of the items from you.
  9. Proceed back up to the main route, back up the wooden ramp to the north, then straight ahead to the last room where the legendary chests are located.
  10. Give both the note and the journal to Fayza in Xarabydun for rewards.
    • You must first have given them to the Mortified Soldier, otherwise Fayza will not accept the items.


  • You must have both the note and the journal for the turn in.
  • Gurog Soldiers use Two-Handed Weapons with a cleaving property, meaning they will hit more than one person at once. Position characters intelligently to prevent this, as a few Gurogs cleaving players at once can quickly kill them.
  • Gurog Minions are shield hollow, but Gurog Soldiers and Gurog Henchmen are not.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Gurog Ice Cave 84.9N, 7.1W -- --


Experience: 150,000,000 (15% up to level 200)
Luminance: 10,000


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Opening Dialog

Fayza tells you, "I have been hearing rumors that a strange new creature has been spotted up in the icy north. Rumors have that it walks on two legs but has hair like an animal."
Fayza tells you, "Perhaps you could investigate for me and bring me back some information about where these creatures may have come from? I would be most appreciative if you would." Fayza tells you, "I would look around 7.1W 84.9N, as that is where I have heard of sightings."
Fayza tells you, "Best of luck, and be careful."

Mortified Soldier

Mortified Soldier tells you, "They tore them to shreds. Literally tore limbs from bodies!"
Mortified Soldier tells you, "What did we do?!"
You allow Mortified Soldier to examine your Torn Note.
You hand over all of your Journal of a Soldiers.
You hand over all of your Torn Notes.
Mortified Soldier gives you Journal of a Soldier.
Mortified Soldier gives you Torn Note.
Mortified Soldier tells you, "Friedrich was always good to me. I knew he had his doubts about this place. We should have listened to him. But now, now we all die for these sins."
Mortified Soldier gives you Legendary Key.
Mortified Soldier tells you, "And this note..."
Mortified Soldier tells you, "It is clear we were used. Success or failure, I now suspect we'd be dead either way."
Mortified Soldier tells you, "Leave me. I've seen too much and stood idly by as all this unfolded. I deserve my fate."
Mortified Soldier tells you, "They paid us with these keys. Just holding one makes me feel sick."

Rewards Dialog

You allow Fayza to examine your Journal of a Soldier.
You hand over all of your Journal of a Soldiers.
You hand over all of your Torn Notes.
Fayza tells you, "Ahh now this is fascinating stuff, terrifying, but fascinating none the less."
Fayza tells you, "We at the Arcanum will have to figure out what all this means, and what Geraine is planning."
Fayza tells you, "Thank you for bringing this to me."
You've earned 150,000,000 experience.
You've earned 10,000 Luminance.
Fayza gives you 8 Trade Notes (250,000).

Other Interactions

You allow Fayza to examine your Journal of a Soldier.
Fayza tells you, "Hmm interesting but could you see if there is even more information to be gathered from that area?"

Update History

From Darkness, Light

  • Quest introduced.

Feelings of Dread

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