Introduced:  Sudden Season Related Quests:  Feud of Neydisa and Bandit Castle
Gwillim's Alchemy Notes
Text Icon Parchment
  • Value: 5
  • Burden: 25
  • Properties: Attuned
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
  • A note from the Archmage Melia to her assistant, Gwillim.


Per MacDugal's orders, we are to work on a process to create frost arrows for use in campaigns to the south and the west. I have done some of the research into the required ingredients, it remains only for you to fetch them. Frost Infusion must be combined with Aqua Incanta to produce Frost Oil. The oil can then be applied to arrowheads to alter their properties. I believe Frost Infusion can be found in that old prison underneath the castle. Make haste, MacDugal is quite impatient to get his plan underway.



You give Lady Tallial Gwillim's Alchemy Notes.

Lady Tallial tells you, "Just as I suspected. Thank you for your bravery. People have complained about the reward I granted for service in the past. Perhaps this antique hauberk will be more appreciated."

Lady Tallial gives you Neydisa Hauberk.

Lady Tallial tells you, "And someone of your obvious experience deserves a bit more."

You've earned 150,000 experience.

You give Gwillim, the Apprentice Gwillim's Alchemy Notes.

Gwillim, the Apprentice tells you, "Oh, I don't really need that back. Did you happen to find my bag down there? I dropped them both in the same room, dratted insects!"

Gwillim, the Apprentice gives you Gwillim's Alchemy Notes.

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