Introduced:  Come What Follows Related Quests:  Kilif Zefir Kill Task
Hadiya bint Anan
Non-Player Killer
Hadiya bint Anan Live
Race Female Gharu'ndim
Title Zefir Zapper
Location 33.7S 73.1E in Shoushi
Level 10
Strength 25
Endurance 10
Coordination 30
Quickness 30
Focus 150
Self 100
Health 25
Stamina 40
Mana 110


Lore & Dialog

Hadiya bint Anan tells you, "So, you wish to prove your hunting prowess? Well then. Track down and slay 35 of the cunning Kilif Zefir for me, and I will reward you appropriately."
Hadiya bint Anan gives you Kilif Zefir Sites.

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