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Introduced:  Celebration
Armor Summary
Name: Haebrean Armor
Heritage: Empyrean, Tier VI
Coverage: Full
AL: See Loot (various)


  • The main material of the armor is metal (gold, silver, steel, and so on)
  • The armor consists of 9 parts (greaves, tassets, girth, breastplate, pauldrons, bracers , gauntlets, boots, helm).
  • Some parts of the armor (for example the lower part on the girth, the backside of the tassets and the abdomen part of the breastplate) are semi-transparent, and take on the color of the underclothes: see the white parts on the images below
  • When dyeing, the lower face/neck of the helmet, the larger (scaly) patches on the pauldrons and the scaly trim on the breastplate and girth stay the original color (see below for dyed variations).
  • The dye turns the armor into a deep/dark variation
  • Fail dye turns the armor into a BRIGHT orange

Quest Haebrean Armor


Note: White areas on the armor in the images below will mirror undershirt color. Click image for full size.
Haebrean Helm Icon.png Haebrean Helm Haebrean Pauldrons Icon.png Haebrean Pauldrons Haebrean Vambraces Icon.png Haebrean Vambraces
Haebrean Helm Live.jpg Haebrean Pauldrons Live.jpg Haebrean Vambraces Live.jpg
Haebrean Gauntlets Icon.png Haebrean Gauntlets Haebrean Breastplate Icon.png Haebrean Breastplate Haebrean Girth Icon.png Haebrean Girth
Haebrean Gauntlets Live.jpg Haebrean Breastplate Live.jpg Haebrean Girth Live.jpg
Haebrean Tassets Icon.png Haebrean Tassets Haebrean Greaves Icon.png Haebrean Greaves Haebrean Boots Icon.png Haebrean Boots
Haebrean Tassets Live.jpg Haebrean Greaves Live.jpg Haebrean Boots Live.jpg
  • Note: The Haebrean Boots look like they do not cover lower legs and feet (see image below) but they do.

Dyed Haebrean Armor

Click images for full size.

Dyed Haebrean Armor
Haebrean Armor Lapyan Icon.png
(Light Blue)
Haebrean Armor Colban Icon.png
(Dark Blue)
Haebrean Armor Verdalim Icon.png
Haebrean Armor Minalim Icon.png
(Mint Green)
Haebrean Armor Relanim Icon.png
Haebrean Armor Lapyan Live.jpg Haebrean Armor Colban Live.jpg Haebrean Armor Verdalim Live.jpg Haebrean Armor Minalim Live.jpg Haebrean Armor Relanim Live.jpg
Haebrean Armor Thananim Icon.png
Haebrean Armor Hennacin Icon.png
Haebrean Armor Argenory Icon.png
Haebrean Armor Berimphur Icon.png
Haebrean Armor Fail Icon.png
Haebrean Armor Thananim Live.jpg Haebrean Armor Hennacin Live.jpg Haebrean Armor Argenory Live.jpg Haebrean Armor Berimphur Live.jpg Haebrean Armor Fail Live.jpg
  • Note: Some pieces have trim that is unchanged by dye (helmet, breastplate, pauldrons, and girth), other pieces are a solid color and dye fully (bracers, gauntlets, tassets, greaves, and boots). White areas in the images above take the color of your undershirt (only the breastplate, girth, and tassets have areas that change color depending on shirt color). Compare to the undyed pieces shown in the image at the top of this page.

Palettes and dye effects

Dye Effects

  • Note that these colors can NOT be found as Loot colors
Known Palettes for Dyed Haebrean Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Head BP Girth Upper Arms Lower Arms Upper Legs Lower Legs Hand Feet
4216 LapyanBlue 0A92DF 0A8FE1 0A84C5 0A589B 0A73AF 1068AE 0A9AD9 0D63B5 0A96D7 0A88C2
4384 ColbanBlue 004D7D 004C7F 003F61 002E49 002F4B 002841 005177 002C41 004D74 00415E
4046 Verdalimgreen 17390E 17390E 122B0A 0D2006 0E2107 0B1D06 17350C 0E1D06 17330C 13290A
4217 MinalimGreen 24CA83 25CD89 1EB06F 19965D 1A985F 198E5F 21C677 188E51 21C375 1CAC65
4386 RenalimPurple 5B086D 5F086F 460657 340342 360444 33043D 510769 2C043C 500767 400654
4385 ThananimBlack 2A2A2A 2B2B2B 222020 191818 1A1919 171716 292826 171515 282725 211F1E
4044 HennacinRed 430406 450404 340305 270103 280204 230202 410407 220205 3E0307 320306
4218 ArgenoryWhite 969999 999D9B 838581 6F736F 717571 696F6B 959590 6A6968 93928F 83817B
4045 BerimphurGold 5B4508 5D4A08 463506 352704 372805 302504 573F08 2F1F04 553B08 443006
4051 NukedOrange FB6C24 FB7526 FB520A E84B02 EA4D03 E15503 FB5C1F E03B03 FB5A1C FB4506
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Palettes found in Loot

  • The loot-generated color table is still work in progress. See for a spreadsheet for the until now discovered palettes this file (right click, download as)
  • Samples of the colors are represented by the VT-hexes for the girth, since the VT-hexes of the girth seem to best approach the actual ingame color (Hexes for BP and girth might be too dark though)
Known Palettes for Loot-generated Haebrean Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Main (dyeable) Girth Secondary Girth Main Head Secondary Head Hands Feet
1077 OpenSkyBlue 0E6DA7 063E54 0C73A9, 0C5A91 0E70B4 0F80BD 0D76AB 0B638C
1078 DaydreamBlue 005B92 043345 0A699A, 0A5182 0C67A5 0D76AE 0B6C9C 09587D
1079 MarineBlue 004975 032B3B 096290, 094B78 0C6FA4 0A6592 085173
1080 OceanBlue 003A5D 02202C 085881, 074269 09588C 0A6595 095B83 074664
1081 ReefBlue 007BC5 074C67 0D80BC, 0D65A3 0F7BC6 108CCF 0E83BE 0C709E
1082 ClearDayBlue 0084D5 Yes 0F95DB, 0F78C1 118EE4 12A0ED 1098DC 0E85BC
1100 Goldenrod B58600 5A3800 B78300, A98C00 C39800 CD9100 B87E00 976400
1101 HoneyWheat BF8D00 804F00 DD9E00, CFAB00 E9B500 F3AC00 DE9800 BD7D00
1102 DesertGold B38915 8A5500 E7A500, D9B300 F3BC00 FDB300 E89E00 C78300
1103 DesertBrass D29B00 B06D00 FFBA0D, FFD300 FFBF23 FFB30E ED9D00
1104 Merigold DAA100 D18100 FFC32E, FFD920 FFD33A FFC844 FFBD2F FFAE0E
1105 MorningSun E3A700 DD9116 E8C269 E8CA61 E8CA61? E8BA58 E8AE3D
1111 TreeFrog 55A60E 335306 57B30F 5EAA0E 4E8B0B
1112 TreeSnake 43840B 2D4905 52A90E 58A00D 48810A
1113 CanopyGreen 366909 213503 48960C 4D8D0B 3D6D08
1114 LizardGreen 2C5407 Yes 41870A 457E09 345E06
1115 DeepForest 224406 111C01 3C7D09 3F7408 2E5405
1116 SpringGreen 5AAF0F 416A07 62CA10 6BC10F 5BA20C
1117 NewGrowth 60BE11 3E7600 70E812 7CDF11
1136 Lilac 670EA7 2B0654 620CA9, 670D9B 610CA6 600DAB 4C0B8C
1137 Passion 550090 Yes 5D0BA1, 620C93 6A0EB5 5B0CA3 480A84
1138 DeepViolet 420073 Yes 540A92, 580A84 610CA6
1139 Midnight 35005C 150229 48087E, 4B0870 550A92
1140 Purple 7400C5 Yes 720EC5, 790FB7 7F11D9
1141 ShockPurple 7C00D5 480A8F 8310E4, 8D11D5 901DEE 8111E5 6B0FC6
1143 HostileRed A9080A 54040C Yes B80807 BE0810 AB0712 8C050E
1144 Crimson 8D0004 400309 97060C, 880605 A40706 AA070E 97060F 78040C
1145 Blood 710002 880605 400309, 97060C A40706 AA070E 97060F 78040C
1146 DeepWound 5A0002 310206 88050A, 790504 950605 9B060C 88050D 69030A
1147 FestivalRed BB0002 6C050F C30810, B40906 D00907 D60912 C30814 A40510
1148 FreshKill C50002 Yes E20000, D20000 EE0000 F80000 E20000 C00000
1149 SolidRed CE0002 B00000 FF0808, F80000 FF1414 FF0808 E60000
1150 SmokeGrey 7B7B7B Yes 7C7C7C, 717171 868686 8B8B8B 656565
1151 FogGrey 6F6F6F 343434 747474, 696969 7E7E7E 838383 757575 5D5D5D
1152 OvercastGrey 646464 303030 Yes 7A7A7A 7F7F7F 717171 595959
1153 OldIronGrey 5A5A5A 2C2C2C 6C6C6C, 616161 767676 7B7B7B 6D6D6D 555555
1154 ColdSteelGrey 515151 212121 616161, 565656 707070 626262 4A4A4A
1155 AshGrey 444444 1B1B1B 5B5B5B, 505050 656565 6A6A6A 5C5C5C 444444
1156 SootBlack 3A3A3A 101010 Yes 5A5A5A 5F5F5F 515151 393939
1157 Lampblack 313131 080808 484848, 3D3D3D 525252 575757 494949 313131
1158 AbyssBlack 2A2A2A 000000 3D3D3D, 323232 474747 4C4C4C 3E3E3E 262626
1159 Steel 7F7F7F 4B4B4B 8B8B8B, 808080 959595 9A9A9A 8C8C8C 747474
1160 Pewter 838383 505050 909090, 858585 9A9A9A 9F9F9F 919191 797979
1161 Silver 868686 606060 A0A0A0, 959595 AAAAAA AFAFAF 898989
1162 Iron 8A8A8A 707070 B0B0B0, A5A5A5 BABABA BFBFBF B1B1B1 999999
1667 SeamistGreen 1C9964 0D4D2C 1DA670 1B9D5F 16814C
1668 SeafoamGreen 167A51 Yes 157D4D
1669 LagoonGreen 11613F Yes 0F5F39
1670 JungleGreen 0E4E33 062816 10683F
1671 RainForestGreen 0B3E28 041F11 0F6545 0A482B
1672 ForestShadow 082E1E 021109 0C5130
1673 SeasprayGreen 1EA76E 0F5E36 1EAE69 189256
1674 MintGreen 20B274 137845 1CAC65
1675 VirindiBlue 002F4A 000E13 064768, 053251 074873 074A6B 05354C
1676 Flame A6410E 531906 A93D0D,8D410D B34D0F BC440F AA3B0E 8B2D0B
1677 Pumkin 86350C 441404 9A370B, 7E3A0B A4460D AD3E0D 9B360C 7C2809
1678 Rust 6B2A09 Yes 7D2C08, 612C08 87390A 90330A 7E2C09 5F1E06
1679 Chocolate 562207 1C0801 732807, 572707 7D3409 862F09 742808 551A05
1680 RichCoco 451B06 080200 5F2105, 441E05 692C07 722807 602106 411403
1681 Tangerine B54710 852809 Yes E46213 ED5613 DB4C12 BC3D0E
1682 AssaultOrange C34D11 AD340B EF6425, E56914 EE7A33 F0723B EE622A E44A11
1683 Brass A27800 4A2E00 A77700, 997F00 BD8600 A87300
1684 DullBrass 8A6700 3A2400 976C00, 897200 A37F00 897200?? 986800 774E00
1685 DullGold 755600 1B1000 785600, 6A5800 846700 8E6500 795200 583900
1686 Bronze 644900 0B0600 684A00, 5A4B00 745A00 7E5A00 482F00
1687 DullBronze 5A4200 000000?? 493400, 3B3100 554200 5F4400 4A3200
1688 JadeGreen 1A3604 000000?? 2F5706 1E3703
1689 Indigo 2A004A 110121 430776, 460768 310559
1690 OldBlood 480002 220104 790408, 6A0403 860504 8C050A 79040B 5A0208
1691 SlateBlack 262626 000000 323232, 272727 3C3C3C 414141 333333 1B1B1B
1692 DarkGrey 202020 000000 252525, 1A1A1A 2F2F2F 343434 (conf) 262626 0E0E0E
3658 PortalPurple A010BF 710A9A
3659 VividViolet 7E0C97 2B043C 870C9C 580974
3660 BasePurple 720B88 Yes 7A0A8D 4D0765
3661 FlatPurple 660A7A Yes 710983
3662 PurpleNights 5C096E 0B000F 500666
3664 DullMagenta 960FB3 A10FCE 860DAF
3665 PrincessPurple 8C0EA7 3D0654 9C0EB4 860DAB
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Matching Suits

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