Introduced:  Sudden Season (See Version) Related Quests:  Frore Updated:  The Madness of Men (See Version), Master of Arms (See Version)
Hammer of Frore
Hammer of Frore Icon
Hammer of Frore Live

Hammer of Frore



Update History

The Madness of Men

  • Base damage increased from 8 - 16 to 20 - 40.
  • Level: 55 wield requirement added.
  • Axe: 375 activation requirement added.
  • +12% attack modifier added.
  • +8% defense modifier added.
  • Cold Protection Self VI, Aura of Blood Drinker V, Moderate Heavy Weapon Aptitude spells added.
  • Biting Strike property added.
  • Value increased from 1,500 to 4,500.
  • Icon and artwork updated.
  • Old icon: Hammer of Frore (Sudden Season) Icon

Master of Arms

  • Weapon skill changed from Axe to Heavy Weapons.
  • Spells adjusted to new skill and from Feeble to Moderate level.
  • Base damage increased from 20 - 40 to 22 - 44.
  • Axe: 375 requirement removed.
  • Wield requirement changed from Level: 55 to Base Weapon: 300.
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