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Hammer of Lightning
Hammer of Lightning Icon
Hammer of Lightning Live


Update History

A Perfect Paradox

  • Base damage increased from 5 - 10 to 10 - 20
  • +5% attack modifier added.
  • +5% defense modifier added.
  • Spells updated.
    • Old spells: Lightning Protection Self II, Swift Killer I
    • New spells: Aura of Defender III, Aura of Blood Drinker III, Aura of Swift Killer IV, Lightning Protection Self IV, Aura of Heart Seeker III

Reforging the Past

  • Blood Drinker increased from level III to IV.

Master of Arms

  • Weapon skill changed from Axe to Heavy Weapons.
  • Activation requirement of Axe: 155 changed to Arcane: 20
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