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Harlune's Diplomacy
Level: 180
Type: Solo
Starts With: Roderick
Starts At: Mite Maze at 41.1N, 57.3E
Route: Facility Hub to Mite Maze portal in the west wing
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Harlune's Diplomacy


Harlune the Misanthrope has disappeared from the Mite Maze and the mysterious Roderick claims to be working on his behalf. He asks you to deliver a diplomatic message on his behalf to the Falatacot on Bur.


Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Taking the Diplomatic Message to Bur

  1. Roderick will give you Diplomatic Message from Harlune.
    • Note: If you don't receive the diplomatic message the first time, speak with him again until you do.
  2. Go to Kor-Gursha on Bur and speak to Scout Leader Tmauruk.
  3. Continue east to the Southern Catacombs portal.
  4. Stick right past Guruk and use the Rock next to Temple of the Three, Ritual Chambers portal to enter the Upper Catacombs.
  5. Use the statue inside the 4th room from the south in the back hallway (runs North and South) to enter the Falatacot Visitor's Alcove (see map).

Part 2: Falatacot Visitor's Alcove

  1. From the drop, head South, and take your first Right. Use the second door you find, and move through the linear dungeon until you reach a large room.
    • Note: If you reach a pit, you have taken the wrong door. Do not jump into any pits, you will not be able to get out.
  2. Run straight ahead until you hit a floor plate, which triggers the spawn of a statue and about 10 undeads.
  3. Survive in the room until you receive a green message:
    • Tip: Once you spawn the mob, retreat into the hallway and close the door until the statue charges.
  4. Use the statue to portal to the next stage.
  5. From the drop, take your first right, and follow the linear path, until once again, you reach a large room.
  6. Run straight ahead until you hit the floor plate, which will trigger the statue and a spawn of seven Blood Priestesses and an Elite Zharalim Agent.
  7. Survive in the room until you receive another message that the eyes light up and the statue can be used again.
    • Tip: Once you spawn the mob, retreat into the hallway and close the door until the statue charges.
  8. Use the statue to be teleported into the next stage.

Part 3: The Falatacot Herald

  1. Take the door to the east and speak with the Falatacot Herald. He will take your Diplomatic Message from Harlune and spawn a mob of creatures *.
    • Tip: Immeditely after speaking to the Falatacot Herald, run up to the platform behind him. Mages and archers can perch from here.
    • Note: Be careful the Laisu Sclavus casts Poison Health (20% lower health for 5 minutes) and there is no shortcut back.
  2. Kill the three Falatacot Blood Prophetesses, one of which will have a Falatacot Blood Prophetess Trinket on their corpse (drops 3).
    • Tip: They are vulnerable to cold physcial attacks, and fire elemental attacks (undead slayer).
  3. Once you have a trinket, return to Mite Maze and give it to Roderick for your reward.
    • Tip: If you talk to Roderick before handing in the trinket he will give you another Diplomatic Message. This will save you from having to make an extra trip to the Mite Maze the next time you do the quest.
    • Note: If you speak to Roderick a 2nd time, he will give you a ride to Fort Tethana.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Mite Maze 41.1N, 57.3E -- 01F8
Kor-Gursha N/A Kor-Gursha.jpg Kor-Gursha.jpg --
Southern Catacombs N/A 00D4.jpg 00D4.jpg --
Upper Catacombs N/A 00CE.gif 00CE.gif --
Falatacot Visitor's Alcove N/A -- --


Give Falatacot Blood Prophetess Trinket to Roderick
Experience: 1,017,135,420 (30% up to level 275)
Quest Repeat: 678,090,280 (20% up to level 275)
Luminance: 12,000
Titles: Expendable
Hard to Kill (2nd completion)


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Opening Dialog

Roderick tells you, "Hmm...Ya think ya might be interested in doin' a favor for Harlune? Ya look tough enough to survive what he has in mind."

Roderick gives you Diplomatic Message from Harlune.

Roderick tells you, "The Falatacot Matriarchs sent him a message, ya see, askin' if he'd like to ally. Well, of course he don't - the Falatacot can't be trusted one bit. So he wants to send a message back...but ya know how Harlune can be."

Roderick tells you, "Anyways, he asked me to find some volunteers to deliver the mission. He didn't tell me to mention it, but I'll be nice and mention it anyways - the Falatacot ain't gonna be happy when they read the message."

Roderick tells you, "Here, take this and bring it to Bur. One of the statues up there should lead to a new place where ya can go and deliver the message, and then ya better be ready for a fight. If ya win, bring something back to prove to me that ya won."
Giving Diplomatic Message from Harlunes to Falatacot Herald

You hand over all of your Diplomatic Message from Harlunes.

The Falatacot Herald reads the message from Harlune. At first, his aged face is impassive, but as he continues reading a visage of sheer fury appears.

Falatacot Herald says, "You would dare mock our offer so?! You would dare present me with such insults?! Do you see that corpse in the corner? That is from the last messenger we had to deal with, dispatched from that Dericost worm Rytheran!"

Falatacot Hearlad says, "It is fortunate for you the Matriarchs themselves are indisposed - your deaths shall be quick, instead! Come, servants of the Blood, destroy these interlopers and drain their blood for our ends!"

Falatacot Blood Prophetess says, "You would dare such insolence? Fear our wrath!"
Giving Blood Prophetess Trinket to Roderick

You give Roderick Falatacot Blood Prophetess Trinket.

Roderick tells you, "So...ya survived, huh? Congratulations. To think I thought ya wouldn't make it..."

You have been given the title "Expendable" by Roderick.

You've earned 1,017,135,420 experience.
Giving Blood Prophetess Trinket to Roderick (2nd quest completion)

You give Roderick Falatacot Blood Prophetess Trinket.

Roderick tells you, "Ya seem like a glutton for punishment. Still, I gotta admit - I'm impressed."

You have been given the title "Hard to Kill" by Roderick.

You've earned 678,090,280 experience.
Other Interactions

The statue looks as if it has been tampered with...its eyes are dull.

The statue's eyes light up suddenly - it can be used again, you would surmise.

The statue whispers in your head, "You bear a message for the matriarchs. You may pass."

Falatacot Warden Statue teleports you with Welcomed by the Blood Witches

Your lightning coruscates over Elite Zharalim Agent's mortal remains!

You search the body again, but you find nothing new.

The statue whispers in your head, "You bear a message for the matriarchs. You may pass."

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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