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Current as of July 2013

Monarch Allegiance Name Hometown Website Mansion/Villa
Beautiful Dirty Rich Sisters of Resurgence Zaikhal Tou-Tou Estate (36.2S, 89.0E)
Daenerys Stormborn (formerly Bonzai Hulachick) Daenery's Minions (formerly Prodigal Evil) Holtburg Inner Sea Mansion (16.9N, 21.6W)
Forgetmenot The Unforgotten Holtburg   Seaside Mansion (33.8N, 69.0E)
Harvestgarbage (changes periodically) Artifice Mansion (82.5S, 8.1E)
Hobartsun Dark Alliance Hebian-to  
Hogun the grim Immortals Arwic Immortals Enchantment Mansion (56.1N, 64.1E)
Karesta Knights Reborn Holtburg Knights Reborn Obsidian Span Mansion (37.6N, 44.9E)
Lan'fear Damage Inc Holtburg Damage Inc Far West Shores Mansion (42.2N, 51.5W)
Legend of Cragstone (Persephony) The Legends of Cragstone Holtburg TLoC Forum Dryreach Mansion (0.7S, 75.4E)
Paul Mua'dib Archangles of Armageddon Hebian-to Archangles of Armageddon Power Plant Mansion (27.3N, 11.9E)
Serpterra (Boonwillow) The House of Reptilian Order Empyrean Shrine Mansion (84.0N, 35.1W)
Sins House of Sins Ridge Route Mansion (16.3N, 43.0W)
Yettii Stonehold Alliance Marae Vista Mansion (64.7N, 51.9W)

Other Owned Mansions (individual owners or inactive allegiances)

Monarch/Owner Allegiance Name Hometown Website Mansion/Villa
Alianna (FA) Isparian Overlord Holtburg   Northreach Mansion
Atros Folthid Mansion
Burnthembad Kcrew Hunters with a mission Holtburg   Lost Wish Range Mansion
Castiel South Shore Mansion
Demiria Point Tremblant Mansion
Doda Forking Trail Mansion
I Artifex North Mansion
Kap the White The Source Hebian-to None Mayoi Mansion
Mojo Rizzen Haven of Honor Reborn Holtburg   Midsong Festival Stone Mansion
Mai Hilltop Mansion
Morff Virindi Complex Mansion
Mrmac Mage Tower Mansion
Psychotic Soldier Psychotic Soldiers South Shore Overlook Mansion (90.3S, 8.9E)
Preacher man Zaikhal Mansion
Pretender Farmstead Mansion
Sartes Seedsow Festival Stone Mansion
Tigr Two Sand Bars Mansion
Veteran Assassin Kara Mansion
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