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Harvesting the Bulb of Twilight
Level: 150
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Norus
Starts At: Temple of Twilight at 34.5S, 8.4E
Route: Yaraq to Ijaniya portal at 22.4S, 0.2E
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Third Sister
Quest Chain: 1. Releasing the Light
2. Harvesting the Bulb of Mornings
3. Harvesting the Bulb of Harvests
4. Harvesting the Bulb of Twilight
5. Hoshino Must Die


Harvest the Seed of Twilight.


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Run to the underground tunnel, located next to the burning tent at 34.5S 8.4E.
    • Route: From Yaraq, take the Ijaniya settlement portal at 22.4S, 0.2E.
  2. Head down and talk to Norus on the left.
  3. Speak to Norus, and then begin to work your way down the tunnel, killing spectral creatures as you go.
  4. Everyone will need a Pulsating Spirit-trap Gem, which are looted from the corpses of the spectral creatures.
  5. When you reach a magma pit, jump across (South) to a entrance below.
  6. From here, hug the left wall and work your way down to the Sanctum Guardian Spirit.
  7. Hand the spirit your gem to enter the next section of the Temple of Twilight
    • Note: You cannot stockpile gems, as he will take all of them out of your inventory.
  8. Make your way down. You will reach a pit with the Bulb of Twilight below. Jump down twice then enter a tunnel to the S.
  9. You will reach a distinct section with ore on the ground. Everyone needs a stack of 15 Alb'arean Ores.
  10. Once you have the ore, go back up to the Bulb of Twilight and talk to it to receive the Seed of Essence.
  11. Portal recall and hand the seed to Norus for the rewards. If you don't want your orb, you can hand it to Calitoth in the Neftet Treasury for some xp and luminance instead.
    • Note: Upon handing, you will be portaled to a room with chests you can use the Legendary Key on.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Temple of Twilight 34.5S, 8.4E -- --


Experience: 210,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 20,000

Give Legendary Seed of Twilight to Calitoth
Experience: 49,511,803 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 1,000


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Opening Dialog

Norus tells you, "Thank the Deru someone came!"

Norus tells you, "We were originally set up on the surface, but Hoshino Kei's spectral skeletons destroyed everything and slew all of the miners."

Norus tells you, "I barely made it out of there alive."

Norus tells you, "This should be the location of the spirit of the Lady of Twilight and Rest. According to the Lady of Mysteries, her spirit should rest in some sort of bulb or plant."

Norus tells you, "We need to recover her essence as quickly as possible, preferably before the spectral skeletons figure out a way past the Guardian or the creatures inside the temple."

Norus tells you, "If you'd be willing to brave the temple, you'll find the Guardian deeper in these tunnels. Just be very careful, the tunnels are still packed full of invaders."
Rewards Dialog

You allow Norus to examine your Seed of Essence.

Norus tells you, "Well done..."

You hand over 1 of your Seed of Essences.

Norus tells you, "You made it past that pile of invaders, as well as the temple itself. Well done indeed."

Norus tells you, "Now, to see if the essence is intact..."

Norus chants over the seed, and a small wisp of light pours out of the seed and into his hand.

Norus tells you, "Beautiful, what is contained here is both intact and free of corruption. Well done, well done indeed."

Norus tells you, "It's only a small fragment of her essence, but it's progress all the same. As for this seed, I think you may find it useful."

You've earned 210,000,000 experience.

You've earned 20,000 Luminance.

Norus gives you Seed of Twilight.

Norus tells you, "If you're interested, I'll likely need your assistance again in a couple weeks. The bulb should be ready to produce another seed by then."

Norus tells you, "Also, as you have aided all of the Lost Sisters, you may wish to seek out Lord Brem, in the encampment that watches over Hoshino Kei's Fortress. He is seeking those adventurers who've been brave enough to assist us in collecting all of the essences of the Sisters."

You give Calitoth Legendary Seed of Twilight.

Calitoth tells you, "Thank you. I'll send this along to my mistress. Please, accept this gift in return."

You've earned 49,511,803 experience.

Calitoth gives you Legendary Key
Other Interactions

As you hand the spirit-trap gem to the Guardian, all of the gems in your possession shatter in a pulse of light and the released energy is absorbed into the spirit.

You hand over all of your Pulsating Spirit-trap Gems.

A voice in your mind says, "Thank you for this, but I will not allow you entry."

A voice in your mind says, "You are here unannounced and unexpected, but as you have aided me with this fragment of my essence, I will not send you away."

A voice in your mind says, "Seek the one in these caverns who can give you understanding and purpose, if you wish to enter this place, and then return to me."

You allow Bulb of Twilight to examine your Alb'arean Ore.

You offer up the Alb'arean Ore to the large plant. The stack of ore turns into a golden mist which is then absorbed in the plant.

A moment later, the plant releases a small glowing seed.

You hand over all of your Alb'arean Ores.

Update History

A Growing Twilight

  • Quest introduced.

Balance of Power

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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