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Introduced:  Lonely in the World Related Quests:  Hieromancer's Armor Updated:  Gears of Change
Hasina bint Rira
Non-Player Killer
Hasina bint Rira Live
Race Female Gharu'ndim
Title Wandering Archmage
Location Randomly spawns in Osteth wilderness.
Level 32
Strength 95
Endurance 100
Coordination 100
Quickness 90
Focus 245
Self 240
Health 145
Stamina 220
Mana 520


  • See Archmage for similar shopkeepers.
  • Buys at 70%, sells at 190%.
  • No gold, pyreal, platinum scarabs
  • She sells the Puzzle Box.
  • Examples of where she has been seen:




Item Price
Splitting Tool Icon Splitting Tool 76,000 
Puzzle Box (Hieromancer's Armor) Icon Puzzle Box (Hieromancer's Armor) 190 


Item Price
Dho Creature Apprentice Robe Icon Dho Creature Apprentice Robe 2,128 
Dho Item Apprentice Robe Icon Dho Item Apprentice Robe 2,128 
Dho Life Apprentice Robe Icon Dho Life Apprentice Robe 2,128 
Dho War Apprentice Robe Icon Dho War Apprentice Robe 2,128 


Item Price
Evaporate All Magic Other Icon Evaporate All Magic Other 1,900 
Extinguish All Magic Other Icon Extinguish All Magic Other 3,800 
Cleanse All Magic Other Icon Cleanse All Magic Other 5,700 
Devour All Magic Other Icon Devour All Magic Other 9,500 
Purge All Magic Other Icon Purge All Magic Other 11,400 
Nullify All Magic Other Icon Nullify All Magic Other 13,300 

Mana Stones[]

Item Price
Lesser Mana Stone Icon Lesser Mana Stone 950 
Mana Stone Icon Mana Stone 1,900 
Greater Mana Stone Icon Greater Mana Stone 9,500 
Small Mana Charge Icon Small Mana Charge 1,235 
Moderate Mana Charge Icon Moderate Mana Charge 2,850 

Magic Items[]

Item Price
Wand (Gharu'ndim) Icon Wand (Gharu'ndim) 190 
Orb (Store) Icon Orb (Store) 380 
Staff Icon Staff 380 
Wand (Store) Icon Wand (Store) 380 

Alchemical Items[]

Item Price
Smelting Pot Icon Smelting Pot 1,900 
Refining Polish (Mana) Icon Refining Polish (Mana) 1,900 
Refining Polish (Stamina) Icon Refining Polish (Stamina) 1,900 
Concentrated Aqua Incanta Icon Concentrated Aqua Incanta 475 
Eye Dropper Icon Eye Dropper 47,500 
Alembic Icon Alembic 950 
Mortar and Pestle Icon Mortar and Pestle 19 
Aqua Incanta Icon Aqua Incanta 10 
Neutral Balm Icon Neutral Balm 266 

Spell Components[]

Item Price
Lead Scarab Icon Lead Scarab 19 
Iron Scarab Icon Iron Scarab 95 
Copper Scarab Icon Copper Scarab 190 
Silver Scarab Icon Silver Scarab 475 
Prismatic Taper Icon Prismatic Taper 42 
Hyssop Icon Hyssop 19 
Mandrake Icon Mandrake 19 
Saffron Icon Saffron 19 
Damiana Icon Damiana 19 
Mugwort Icon Mugwort 19 
Bistort Icon Bistort 19 
Wormwood Icon Wormwood 19 
Amaranth Icon Amaranth 19 
Ginseng Icon Ginseng 19 
Hawthorn Icon Hawthorn 19 
Eyebright Icon Eyebright 19 
Frankincense Icon Frankincense 19 
Dragonsblood Icon Dragonsblood 19 
Henbane Icon Henbane 19 
Comfrey Icon Comfrey 19 
Yarrow Icon Yarrow 19 
Vervain Icon Vervain 19 
Myrrh Icon Myrrh 19 
Powdered Agate Icon Powdered Agate 10 
Powdered Amber Icon Powdered Amber 10 
Powdered Azurite Icon Powdered Azurite 10 
Powdered Bloodstone Icon Powdered Bloodstone 10 
Powdered Carnelian Icon Powdered Carnelian 10 
Powdered Hematite Icon Powdered Hematite 10 
Powdered Lapis Lazuli Icon Powdered Lapis Lazuli 10 
Powdered Malachite Icon Powdered Malachite 10 
Powdered Moonstone Icon Powdered Moonstone 10 
Powdered Onyx Icon Powdered Onyx 10 
Powdered Quartz Icon Powdered Quartz 10 
Powdered Turquoise Icon Powdered Turquoise 10 
Brimstone Icon Brimstone 10 
Cadmia Icon Cadmia 10 
Cinnabar Icon Cinnabar 10 
Cobalt Icon Cobalt 10 
Colcothar Icon Colcothar 10 
Gypsum Icon Gypsum 10 
Quicksilver Icon Quicksilver 10 
Realgar Icon Realgar 10 
Stibnite Icon Stibnite 10 
Turpeth Icon Turpeth 10 
Verdigris Icon Verdigris 10 
Vitriol Icon Vitriol 10 
Poplar Talisman Icon Poplar Talisman 10 
Blackthorn Talisman Icon Blackthorn Talisman 10 
Yew Talisman Icon Yew Talisman 10 
Hemlock Talisman Icon Hemlock Talisman 10 
Alder Talisman Icon Alder Talisman 10 
Ebony Talisman Icon Ebony Talisman 10 
Birch Talisman Icon Birch Talisman 10 
Ashwood Talisman Icon Ashwood Talisman 10 
Elder Talisman Icon Elder Talisman 10 
Rowan Talisman Icon Rowan Talisman 10 
Willow Talisman Icon Willow Talisman 10 
Cedar Talisman Icon Cedar Talisman 10 
Oak Talisman Icon Oak Talisman 10 
Hazel Talisman Icon Hazel Talisman 10 
Red Taper Icon Red Taper 48 
Pink Taper Icon Pink Taper 48 
Orange Taper Icon Orange Taper 48 
Yellow Taper Icon Yellow Taper 48 
Green Taper Icon Green Taper 48 
Turquoise Taper Icon Turquoise Taper 48 
Blue Taper Icon Blue Taper 48 
Indigo Taper Icon Indigo Taper 48 
Violet Taper Icon Violet Taper 48 
Brown Taper Icon Brown Taper 48 
White Taper Icon White Taper 48 
Grey Taper Icon Grey Taper 48 
Lead Pea Icon Lead Pea 950 
Iron Pea Icon Iron Pea 4,750 
Copper Pea Icon Copper Pea 9,500 
Silver Pea Icon Silver Pea 23,750 
Hyssop Pea Icon Hyssop Pea 2,375 
Mandrake Pea Icon Mandrake Pea 2,375 
Saffron Pea Icon Saffron Pea 2,375 
Damiana Pea Icon Damiana Pea 2,375 
Mugwort Pea Icon Mugwort Pea 2,375 
Bistort Pea Icon Bistort Pea 2,375 
Wormwood Pea Icon Wormwood Pea 2,375 
Amaranth Pea Icon Amaranth Pea 2,375 
Ginseng Pea Icon Ginseng Pea 2,375 
Hawthorn Pea Icon Hawthorn Pea 2,375 
Eyebright Pea Icon Eyebright Pea 2,375 
Frankincense Pea Icon Frankincense Pea 2,375 
Dragonsblood Pea Icon Dragonsblood Pea 2,375 
Henbane Pea Icon Henbane Pea 2,375 
Comfrey Pea Icon Comfrey Pea 2,375 
Yarrow Pea Icon Yarrow Pea 2,375 
Vervain Pea Icon Vervain Pea 2,375 
Myrrh Pea Icon Myrrh Pea 2,375 
Powdered Agate Pea Icon Powdered Agate Pea 1,188 
Powdered Amber Pea Icon Powdered Amber Pea 1,188 
Powdered Azurite Pea Icon Powdered Azurite Pea 1,188 
Powdered Bloodstone Pea Icon Powdered Bloodstone Pea 1,188 
Powdered Carnelian Pea Icon Powdered Carnelian Pea 1,188 
Powdered Hematite Pea Icon Powdered Hematite Pea 1,188 
Powdered Lapis Lazuli Pea Icon Powdered Lapis Lazuli Pea 1,188 
Powdered Malachite Pea Icon Powdered Malachite Pea 1,188 
Powdered Moonstone Pea Icon Powdered Moonstone Pea 1,188 
Powdered Onyx Pea Icon Powdered Onyx Pea 1,188 
Powdered Quartz Pea Icon Powdered Quartz Pea 1,188 
Powdered Turquoise Pea Icon Powdered Turquoise Pea 1,188 
Brimstone Pea Icon Brimstone Pea 1,188 
Cadmia Pea Icon Cadmia Pea 1,188 
Cinnabar Pea Icon Cinnabar Pea 1,188 
Cobalt Pea Icon Cobalt Pea 1,188 
Colcothar Pea Icon Colcothar Pea 1,188 
Gypsum Pea Icon Gypsum Pea 1,188 
Quicksilver Pea Icon Quicksilver Pea 1,188 
Realgar Pea Icon Realgar Pea 1,188 
Stibnite Pea Icon Stibnite Pea 1,188 
Turpeth Pea Icon Turpeth Pea 1,188 
Verdigris Pea Icon Verdigris Pea 1,188 
Vitriol Pea Icon Vitriol Pea 1,188 
Poplar Pea Icon Poplar Pea 1,188 
Blackthorn Pea Icon Blackthorn Pea 1,188 
Yew Pea Icon Yew Pea 1,188 
Hemlock Pea Icon Hemlock Pea 1,188 
Alder Pea Icon Alder Pea 1,188 
Ebony Pea Icon Ebony Pea 1,188 
Birch Pea Icon Birch Pea 1,188 
Ashwood Pea Icon Ashwood Pea 1,188 
Elder Pea Icon Elder Pea 1,188 
Rowan Pea Icon Rowan Pea 1,188 
Willow Pea Icon Willow Pea 1,188 
Cedar Pea Icon Cedar Pea 1,188 
Oak Pea Icon Oak Pea 1,188 
Hazel Pea Icon Hazel Pea 1,188 
Red Pea Icon Red Pea 5,938 
Pink Pea Icon Pink Pea 5,938 
Orange Pea Icon Orange Pea 5,938 
Yellow Pea Icon Yellow Pea 5,938 
Green Pea Icon Green Pea 5,938 
Turquoise Pea Icon Turquoise Pea 5,938 
Blue Pea Icon Blue Pea 5,938 
Indigo Pea Icon Indigo Pea 5,938 
Violet Pea Icon Violet Pea 5,938 
Brown Pea Icon Brown Pea 5,938 
White Pea Icon White Pea 5,938 
Grey Pea Icon Grey Pea 5,938 

Trade Notes[]

Item Price
Trade Note (100) Icon Trade Note (100) 115  
Trade Note (500) Icon Trade Note (500) 575  
Trade Note (1,000) Icon Trade Note (1,000) 1,150  
Trade Note (5,000) Icon Trade Note (5,000) 5,750  
Trade Note (10,000) Icon Trade Note (10,000) 11,500  
Trade Note (50,000) Icon Trade Note (50,000) 57,500  
Trade Note (100,000) Icon Trade Note (100,000) 115,000  
Trade Note (150,000) Icon Trade Note (150,000) 172,500  
Trade Note (200,000) Icon Trade Note (200,000) 230,000  
Trade Note (250,000) Icon Trade Note (250,000) 287,500  

Lore & Dialog[]


Hasina bint Rira tells you, "Salutations. I am a humble wandering archmage, following the desert wind. Could I interest you in any of my wares?"

Buying From

Hasina bint Rira tells you, "There you are."

Hasina bint Rira tells you, "Very good."

Selling To

Hasina bint Rira tells you, "A bit scuffed... I can probably sell this at discount."

Hasina bint Rira tells you, "I found a strange puzzle box half-buried in the sand. I don't know how it works. It's yours if you want it."

Hasina bint Rira tells you, "Ah, my old master had one just like this."

Hasina bint Rira tells you, "I'll take that off your hands."


Hasina bint Rira tells you, "Safe journeys, friend. May the gods go between you and harm in all the empty places you must walk."