Introduced:  The Price of Loyalty Related Quests:  Pheraion's Sanctum Quest
Non-Player Killer
Hassim Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Whispering Blade Factotum
Location Whispering Blade Chapterhouse
Level 120
Strength 240
Endurance 250
Coordination 260
Quickness 200
Focus 240
Self 220
Health 125
Stamina 250
Mana 220


Lore & Dialog

Hassim tells you, "If you would do more for the Whispering Blade, I would ask you to investigate a Raven Hand installation in the Direlands, not too far from Ayan Baqur. We have reason to believe that the Raven Hand has made common cause with the Ordina Rossu Morta. There are only a few reasons I can think of why these groups would work together, and they are terrible reasons."
Hassim tells you, "Please seek out the home of the Raven Hand Diviner Pheraion at 60.0 S, 75.5 W and bring me back what evidence you can of their dark collusion. Whatever else you find in Pheraion's lair is yours - but I must have his notes!"

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