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Introduced:  Dark Majesty Related Quests:  Elari Wood Bow, Hea Totem Quest
Hea Raiders' Cache
Hea Raiders' Cache Icon
  • Value: 2,500
  • Burden: Various
  • Properties: Unenchantable
  • Use this item to open it and see its contents.

    Spells: Karenua's Curse
  • Can hold up to 120 items and 10 containers.
  • Locked
  • This lock looks impossible to pick

    Spellcraft: 600.
    (Resistance 9999).
  • A Virindi trove creature, used by their allied raiders among the Hea. It appears to have an outer shell laced with flecks of chorizite ore.
  • Your skill or my keys are the only way to enter.
    --Hea Karenua
Hea Raiders' Cache Live

Hea Raiders' Cache


  • Contains:
Fixed Trophies Random Trophies Loot Tier
4x None 3