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Hebian-To Reinforcements Camp
Quests 2001/08 - Virindi and Tumerok Invasion (Live Event)
Restrictions Level: 36
Tieable: No
Recallable: No
Summonable: No
Coordinates 26.6N, 37.8E
near Cragstone
Nearest LS  ??
Route Hebian-To Camp Commander
Map Files: None Available
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  • A portal to this dungeon was summoned by a Hebian-To Camp Commander on death near one of the Hebian-To Virindi Towers. The Hebian-To Camp creatures only appeared after the Hebian-To Tower Controller Puppet was killed in the previous Middle Guard tower.
  • Players had to fight their way through the camp dungeon to reach the portal at the end to the tower's peak where the Hebian-To Tower Controller Master was found.
  • When the Controller Master found here was defeated, a server broadcast message was made but no further camps or towers appeared.
As the Virindi dies, it screams in the minds of all nearby, "Failure, disjunction, unacceptable. The invasion must hold. We will send lesser forces ahead to permit us to refortify our position..." A new vanguard force is sent ahead to imperil Hebian-To...


Hebian-To Reinforcements Camp Dungeon

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Hebian-To Reinforcements Tower

Virindi Icon Virindi


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Update History

Crests of a Turbulent Sea

  • Dungeon added.
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