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Using <ref> tags

When using a source only one time in an article, place it in this format:


When using the same source throughout an article, giving the source tag a name attribute is the correct procedure. To give a source a name, use the following steps:

  1. When the source is first used, place it in this format:
<ref name=SourceName>Source</ref>
  1. When using the same source again, place it in this format:
<ref name=SourceName/>

At the end of the article, place this text to have references displayed:

== References ==

More details can be found at How To Make Footnotes.


Lore sources should be formatted in the following way:

yyyy/mm [[Patch]] - [[Quest/Higher Topic]]: [[Source]] specific detail

If no date/patch information is available, simply link to the source:


What to Link to

Some times it may not be clear what to link to. Here are some example situations and the proper article to link to.

Quest Dialog

Worcer's dialog from the quest Worcer's Missing Heirlooms:
Worcer tells you, "My parents were killed there when I was but a boy, when Holtburg was overrun with Tumeroks. I was saved, whisked away by the mage Celcynd at my parents' behest."
Incorrect Source:
1999/11 Release - Worcer
Correct Source:
2004/12 The Calm - Worcer's Missing Heirlooms: Worcer dialog

Town Crier/Ulgrim Dialog

Town Crier's dialog from the patch The Beast With Many Heads:
Town Crier tells you, "I've heard that there's a well of magical water within the roots of the Deru tree on the Vesayens."
Incorrect Source:
2008/02 The Beast With Many Heads - Town Crier
Correct Source:
2008/02 The Beast With Many Heads - Town Crier dialog

Event Article Text

Ancient Powers Teaser, regarding Oswald and MacTavish:
"The two men were old friends, comrades in a long-ago war on another world, and had not seen each other in years."
Incorrect Source: (linked to patch page)
2008/08 Ancient Powers - Teaser
Correct Source: (linked to announcements page)
2008/08 Ancient Powers - Teaser

Pre-Release sources

Microsoft Games Archive/World/History/Historical Archive
Incorrect Source:
1999/10 Asheron's Call Beta - Microsoft Games Archive/World/History/Historical Archive
Correct Source:
1999/10 Asheron's Call Beta - Microsoft Games Archive: Historical Archive

Articles in need of Sources

Click here for a list of pages tagged as needing sources.

When a lore article is lacking in sources, the following is placed at the top of the page:

{{Lore Citation Needed}}

Which displays as:

Lore Citation Icon The following Lore information lacks references or sources for some or all of its content, and may not be correct. Please help improve this article by properly citing sources.
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