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Command(s) Effect
Displays the top level help commands:
Available help:
@help allegiances - Commands to help you deal with your Allegiance.
@help channels - How to communicate with people in your allegiance or fellowship.
@help chatting - How to chat publically and privately.
@help death - Commands for making, finding, and looting corpses.
@help emote - How to perform text and action emotes.
@help fillcomps - A command to help you buy components in bulk.
@help friends - Commands to help you manage your friends list.
@help house - Commands that help you manage your house, including guest and storage management.
@help squelch - Commands that let you block out messages from other players.
@help status - Commands that display useful information.
@help text - Commands that help you manage your text window.
@help commands - Lists all commands.
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