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Prehistoric Auberean

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The very ancient history of Auberean is unclear. There are very few sources of information, which have been filtered down through the various Empyrean cultures, and do not always fit together into one cohesive story. A Yalaini legend, told to Asaina al-Arqis by Elysa Strathelar (who presumably heard it from Asheron) states that primordial gods struggled with evil shadow creatures and after a long contest that exhausted their powers, the gods banished the shadows into the earth by creating the sun and stars.[1] A legend from the Light Falatacot states that the Deru Trees were created by the Light and they drove the Living Dark below, allowing life to spread across the world.[2]

The Empyrean

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The Isparian scholar Alatar Locke theorizes that long before the Millennium War and far before even the first stirrings of Falatacot malice in the swamps of the world the Empyreans willingly came to Auberean via portal magic with a singular purpose. What that purpose is remains a mystery. Alatar claims even the Empyrean forgot this purpose over the long ages.[3]

The Falatacot

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The Dericostians

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The Haebrean

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The Yalaini

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Age of the Empyrean

The Seaborne Empire of Yalain measured history as a series of "Eipothi" (epochs or ages). The sovereign of Yalain declared the end of each age and the name of the next. Ages were concluded to mark a major historical event.[4] The eipoths are as follows:

Arelis Eipoth – "Golden Age"

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This eipoth lasted approximately 20,000 years.[4] Very little is known about this era. It is unknown what marked the beginning of the Golden Age, however it is believed that the Yalaini, when formalizing their calendar in the reign of Alaidain, calculated backwards to an event known in their legends.[4] It is also unknown what event marked the beginning of the next eipoth, and thus the end of this one. However, the logical assumption would be that the Great Cooling of the World, the ice age that drove some Falatacot to Dericost, was the event marking the end of this era. If this is true, the Falatacot culture reached the height of its power, as well as its demise, during this era.

Dericoi Eipoth – "Age of Dericost"

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This eipoth lasted 6174 years.[4] This age was said to begin with the ascent of the Dericost Kingdom.[4] One of the first conquests of Dericost was the High Desert, the place of origin of the High Desert Nomads, also known as the Sand Kings.[5] Aside from a few major events, little is known of this period. The Falatacot culture stepped down from the spotlight during this age, with the remaining Falatacot on Aurberean being absorbed into the Dericost society.[4]

At some point, the events of the Grael Rebellion occurred. These events, which included the death of Carraida, the young Queen of Haebrous, weakened King Braletain of Haebrous.[6] Lord Alashorn, the Yalaini ambassador to Haebrous, wrote at the time that this weakness had emboldened the ever-grasping Dericostians, and with no clear and qualified successor, and he feared war would come between the Kingdoms.[6]

War came. At approximately DE 5000, when Dericost reached the height of it's power, it attacked the neighboring nations of Haebrous and Yalain. This marked the beginning of the Millennium War.[4] In DE 6147[7] the war ended in defeat for the Dericost, with the victorious Yalain occupying their lands.[4] With the war over, Empress Alaidain of Yalain declared the end of this eipoth.[4]

Vacari Eipoth – "Age of Contentment"

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This eipoth lasted 6102 years.[4]

Rhethis Eipoth – "First Age of Lore"

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This eipoth lasted 895 years.[4]

Torethis Eipoth – "Second Age of Lore"

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This eipoth lasted 761 years.[4]

Hyrethis Eipoth – "Third Age of Lore"

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This eipoth lasted 647 years.[4]

Moriqui Eipoth – "Age of Shifting"

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This eipoth has thus far lasted 600 years.[4]

Portal Year Era

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While technically still a part of the Moriqui Eipoth, this era, beginning at ME 579 / 0 PY, sees an increase in alien species settling on Auberean, the appearance of lifestones, and the rise of the Isparians.


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